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Intro to Engage Voice Salesforce integration

For a PDF download of the Engage Voice Salesforce integration, click here.
Salesforce Service Cloud is a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for customer service and support. The Engage Voice Salesforce integration will help deliver a seamless, consistent, efficient service experience for Engage Voice users using Salesforce as their working platform. This integration is helpful for agents because they will not have to leave Salesforce to use Engage Voice controls, such as taking or making calls.

Features and benefits of the Engage Voice Salesforce integration


  • Included as a managed package in the Salesforce AppExchange page
  • Allows agents assigned to the Salesforce integration to log in using RingCentral Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Allows agents to set their agent state
  • Allows agents to update their session after login, such as inbound queues and skill profiles 
  • Allows multiple voice connection types that agents can use to manage the calls: the integrated phone within the widget, a RingCentral Phone, or an external phone 
  • Matches inbound calls with Salesforce records based on the ANI
  • Includes a screen pop for inbound calls
  • Allows agent call wrap-up notes and disposition details made from the app to be sent to our server
  • Includes call controls, such as requeue and transfer, active call list, hold, and end call
  • Allows basic outbound calls
  • Allows IVR-based screen pop-ups and alerts
  • Allows automatic case creation and updating call activity
  • Allow admins to configure fields available in the app for agents
  • Allow admins to open up agent script to the integration automatically
  • Allow admins to automate the app to create leads and set mapping to populate fields in the newly created lead
  • Reflect configured security settings in the Engage Voice admin UI to the app
  • View Agent script
  • Edit Agent profile
  • Enable users with multiple accounts to be able to login using a single credential
  • Create records in Salesforce from Call Log 
  • View Call History
  • Allow access to call recording link in Salesforce

System Requirements


  • Engage Voice for Salesforce BETA is available for RingCentral Engage Voice customers who also have RingCentral Office accounts
  • You must have installed one Salesforce version:
    • At least a Salesforce Professional Edition (PE)
    • Salesforce Enterprise Edition (EE)
    • Salesforce Unlimited Edition (UE)
  • Requires Windows® XP or above or Mac OS® X 10.8 Mountain Lion or above
  • Supported browsers include:
    • Chrome™30 (or later)
    • Firefox® 25 (or later)
    • Safari® 6.0.5 (or later) - Safari is supported for Classic view only
    • Internet Explorer® 10 (or later)

Accessing the Engage Voice Salesforce integration

In order to use the integration, Salesforce admins should find and install the Engage Voice package in the Salesforce AppExchange. When the package is installed and set up, Salesforce admins can then manage users, set softphone layouts, and assign agents to the Engage Voice app. Once assigned, agents will find the Engage Voice widget located on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen within Salesforce. To learn more, visit Installing and setting up Engage Voice in Salesforce
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