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Release Notes

RingEX Developers

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingEX Developers.
Release Date: Spring 2023 (May 2023)
What's New
  • Audio & Video AI API: Ever wanted to add some summarization, transcriptions, and highlight keywords and emotions in your own app? Now you can! The Artificial Intelligence APIs can process any media file, including RingCentral Video meeting recordings and RingCentral call recordings.
  • Video APIs: We are opening up access to our RingCentral Video APIs by making all documentation public, and making it easier for developers to get up and running using these APIs to schedule meetings, and mine meeting histories for meaningful insights. 
  • Webinar API: RingCentral Webinar is providing a full suite of REST APIs and events to help developers integrate their systems into CRMs and marketing automation services. 
  • Video Client SDKs: We are excited to announce a new developer product: the RingCentral Video Client SDKs for Javascript, iOS and Android. These SDKs help developers built front-end video experiences powered by RingCentral Video. Each comes with a complete set of native UI components making it a breeze to build bespoke video products and experiences. 
  • Making updating apps easier: In our latest release we implemented one of developers’ most common requested features: the ability to edit graduated apps. In this release developers are free to edit all fields associated with an application, even after it has graduated. Developers should note however, that changing an app’s scope may result in users being logged out so that they can re-authorize the application. 
  • Requesting app scopes be added to your app: Developers can now find and select all app scopes in our platform, even ones that require permission to use. When a restricted scope is requested, a support process will automatically be engaged to facilitate the request.

New registration requirements for SMS

Most customers who are sending or receiving SMS are now required to complete registration for their toll-free or local (long code) numbers.

  • To send SMS from or to US local numbers (also called 10DLC or long code numbers), you’ll need to complete “10DLC TCR registration”. It means, you need to register your brand (business), register your campaigns(SMS use case) and assign your phone numbers to that TCR campaign to keep them using for SMS. It’s a self-serve registration process from within the RingCentral’s admin portal.
  • To send and receive SMS for toll-free numbers, you’ll need to complete the carrier required “Toll-free SMS verification” process. This verification process is not self-serve and is handled via RingCentral support.

Failure to register your local numbers (10DLC) with TCR and verify your toll-free numbers with carriers may result in your messages being blocked by mobile carriers.

In future, new phone numbers added to your account will not be SMS enabled by default. For any new number added to your account, you would have to make sure to assign it to a registered TCR campaign (in case of local number) to enable it for SMS.

NOTE: This does not impact phone numbers in your sandbox account, as they are for test purposes and will be enabled with SMS by default. i.e you don’t have to do 10DLC TCR Registration for your sandbox phone numbers.

Some important SMS knowledge base articles:

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