Joining a webinar using Rooms

Last updated on July 27, 2022

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RingCentral Rooms is a convenient way for multiple participants to join a RingCentral webinar from a single tablet.

Joining a scheduled webinar

Scheduled webinars appear on the dashboard of your Rooms controller under Show today’s meetings. On the Rooms controller, tap Join to join the scheduled meeting displayed on any card. Read Joining a meeting in RingCentral Rooms to learn more.
If you join the meeting as a panelist, you can share your screen using RingCentral Rooms. To share your screen during a webinar, click Share screen, then choose Using browser. Learn more about sharing your screen using the RingCentral rooms controller.
Note: If your RingCentral Rooms’ email account receives a webinar invitation, it will show up automatically in the upcoming meeting list on the Rooms controller and host device (monitor).
Joining a webinar using Rooms in the RingCentral app for desktop and web

Joining a webinar with voice command

If RingCentral Rooms’ Voice Command feature is turned on, you can join a scheduled meeting without having to touch the controller. Just say, “Hi RingCentral. Join the meeting.”

Your controller device can be voice-activated 15 minutes before the meeting. This feature won't be available once the webinar starts. 
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