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Creating a new team in the RingCentral app for desktop and web

Last updated on January 13, 2023
Introduction to the RingCentral app

RingCentral App for Desktop: Creating Teams

A team is a conversation among several people used to communicate with co-workers or collaborators on a project. 
Any RingCentral user can create a team. The person who creates a team becomes that team’s administrator.
You have several options for creating a team:
  • Click the New actions button, then select Create team from the dropdown.
  • In the left panel, hover over the Teams header, then click the Create team icon at the right.
  • Convert an existing group into a team.

Creating a team

  1. Click the New actions icon at the top right.
  2. Select Create team from the dropdown.
New actions button
  1. Enter a name for your team in the Team name field.
  2. In the Members field, add people by entering their names or email addresses.
  3. Describe your team in the Team description field (optional).
  4. In the Type of team dropdown, select Private or Public.
    • You can join a public team without an invite.
  5. Click the toggles to configure your team’s settings
  6. Click Create. Once you’ve created your team, it will appear in the Teams section in the left panel.
Note: If you’ve added a non-RingCentral user to a team using their email address, they’ll receive an invite that asks them to set up a RingCentral account. Once they do, they’ll be added to the team as a guest.

Configuring team settings

  • Allow team members to add other members: Lets non-admin members invite new members. Only available for private teams.
  • Allow members to post messages: Makes this team read-only. Non-admins will be unable to post in this team.
  • Allow members to @team mention: Lets non-admins use the @team mention in a message.
  • Allow members to pin post: Lets non-admins pin posts in the conversation.
  • Allow members to add apps: Lets non-admins add apps and add-ins.
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