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Managing a team's profile in the RingCentral app

Last updated on February 1, 2023
Members added to a team, including yourself, can view the team’s profile. The profile contains a list of team members, team admin settings, and more.

Viewing a team’s profile

  1. Go to Message via the left navigation bar.
  2. Select a team from the conversation list.
  3. Click the three-dot More icon at the far right of the conversation header bar.
  4. Select the View team profile option from the dropdown.
Open team profile

Understanding a team’s profile

Once you open a team’s profile, you’ll see the following:
  • The name of the team
  • Description of the team (if provided)
  • Action buttons:
    • Message: Click to start a message with the team
    • Start video call: Click to host a meeting with the team
    • Start conference call: Click to begin a conference call with the team
  • A Team members and Team admin settings tab 
Note: To start a video or conference call, company admins must first enable phone features at the company account level.

Understanding the Team members section

Under the Team members tab, you’ll find a search bar at the top that you can use to search for or add team members. At the far right of the search bar is an Add team members person icon, which you can click to add new members to your team.

Note: There's a limit of 10,000 team members maximum allowed in one team (of which 200 can be guests). If a team's member count reaches the limit, users won't be able to add more people.
Below the search bar is a list of all existing team members. Team admins will appear at the top of the list with an orange Admin badge beside the user’s name. 
When you hover over a team member's name, a series of icons appear at the far right. Clicking any of these icons will perform an associated action. Available actions depend on permissions.
Actions when hovering on a team member


Performing actions on a user via the team profile

You can perform various actions from the team profile.
  • Chat with a user via the Message chat bubble icon
  • Start a meeting with a user via the Video icon
  • Call a user via the Phone icon
  • Open a user’s profile via the View profile option under the three-dot More menu
  • Remove a user from a team via the Remove from team option under the three-dot More menu (team admins only)
  • Assign or unassign someone as a team admin via the Assign/Unassign as team admin option under the three-dot More menu (team admins only)

Understanding the Team admin settings

Whether you’re an admin or member, you’ll have access to the Team admin settings section of the profile. Clicking this tab takes you to a list of permissions configured during team creation. 
If you’re a team admin, you can navigate to this section and make changes to permissions at any time. You can use this section to view your permissions if you're not a team admin. 

Team admin settings

You have a few actions to choose from in the Team admin settings menu.
  • Add team members:  If enabled, non-admin members can invite other members to the team. Guests won't be able to add team members.
  • Post messages: If enabled, non-admin members can post messages in the team conversation.
  • @team mention: If enabled, non-admin members can@team mention in a message. To learn more, visit Using @mentions in the RingCentral app desktop and web.
  • Pin posts: If enabled, non-admin members can pin posts. Pinned messages will appear under the Pinned tab in the conversation details pane at the far right.
If you’re a team admin, you’ll see two additional settings.
  • Archive a team: Select this option to archive a team. Archiving a team will remove it from your active conversations but not delete it permanently. Archived teams can always be reactivated via the Archived teams page in the Contacts menu. To learn more, visit Archiving a team in the RingCentral app.
  • Delete a team: Select this option to delete the team permanently. To learn more, visit Deleting a team in the RingCentral app.
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