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Using the Resource Center in the RingCentral desktop app

Last updated on June 20, 2022
The Resource Center is a single location for users to:
  • Take a quick tour of how to get started.
  • Access quick tips and step-by-step guides.
  • Access app information and submit feedback.
  • Watch how-to-videos.
  • Discover recommended and new features.
  • Browse all RingCentral app features.
  • Share feature ideas and report issues.
Note: You will see an orange alert bubble in the Resource Center icon if there is new content or added feature that you may want to view.
Access settings

Accessing the Resource Center

You can access the Resource Center from the left navigation bar. You will find the different Resource Center tabs, including Get started, Suggested for you, What’s new, Feature library, Help, and Feedback.
You can click the Need help? button at the bottom right of the Resource Center tabs to access Search for your question, Report a bug, Get app info quick links. You can also access the AI-powered chatbot and ask questions about your online account or the RingCentral app.
Access settings

Resource Center tabs

  • Get started: Watch how-to videos and explore the most popular features of the RingCentral app. Note that some videos may be unavailable depending on your language and region. 
  • Suggested for you: Learn about the RingCentral desktop and web app’s recommended and beta features.
  • What’s new: Read release notes and stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for the RingCentral desktop and web app. 
  • Feature library: Browse all RingCentral app features and read related documentation.
  • Help: Get help by using the following:
    • Search topics and questions: Type questions or topics directly in the search bar.
    • Popular topics: Click one of the topics to access related information. 
    • Filter by: Filter related topics for in-app tours using one of the following: All, Message, Video, or Phone & SMS
Resource Center features
  • Feedback: Submit your feedback, encountered issues, feature improvement ideas, and new feature requests. Learn more
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