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Configuring RingCentral Meetings video settings on
RingCentral app desktop and web | RingCentral app

The RingCentral app lets you configure settings related to its video feature. You can configure settings such as what video service you’d like to use to host a meeting and settings of your selected video service.
To access your video settings, select the Settings gear icon at the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar. From there, click the Video tab in the left pane.

Configuring General settings

You can configure the following settings under the General settings section: 
  • Video service: Select which app you'd like to use to start a meeting. Please note that this setting may not be available for every user, but if you have this option, click the dropdown menu and select one of the following:
    • RingCentral Meetings: When selected, you can use the RingCentral Meetings embedded in your RingCentral app to start or schedule a meeting. Additional settings will also be available when this video service is selected:
      • Video Meeting settings

        • Personal Meeting ID

        • Host key

        • Display Share in Room option

  • Video Meeting settings: Select the Edit button to open the RingCentral Meetings settings. Depending on which option you selected for Video service, you will have different settings to configure. You can only configure these settings in the RingCentral app desktop and web.
  • Personal Meeting ID: Select the Edit button to open your Personal Meeting ID settings. Depending on which option you chose for your video service, you may have different Personal Meeting ID settings to configure. We’ll review those settings in the next section.
  • Host key: Use this key to claim host control of a meeting using RingCentral Meetings or start a meeting from a room system.
  • Display Share in Room option: This allows screen sharing in meeting rooms with compatible room systems.

Configuring Personal Meeting ID settings

A Personal Meeting ID is the specific meeting ID you can use for all your meetings moving forward. Using this ID helps participants associate the meeting to your name, which can be useful when you meet with the same people frequently. To learn more, visit Using your Personal Meeting ID in the RingCentral app desktop and web.
Depending on which option you chose for your video service, you may have different Personal Meeting ID settings to configure. This section will show settings when RingCentral Meetings is selected as your video service.
You can configure the following settings:
  • Personal Meeting ID: Click on this field if you want to customize your Personal Meeting ID. This ID should be 10 digits for RingCentral Meetings.
  • Use Personal Meeting ID for instant meetings: Check this box to enable the use of your Personal Meeting ID number to start your meetings. Customize your Personal Meeting ID in the field at the top of the modal window.
  • Require password: Check this box if you’d like to require a password entry before any participants can join your meeting. When this setting is enabled, a Set password box will appear for you to enter the password for your meetings. You can only set alphanumeric combinations as the password.
  • Participants can only join after host: For your Personal Meeting ID, check the box to restrict participants to join your meeting if you haven’t joined yet.
  • Open waiting room: Check this box if you’d like attendees to open the waiting room when they join the meeting. Attendees will stay in the waiting room until you’ve admitted them under Manage Participants.
  • Turn off camera for participants: Check this box to turn the camera off for all participants when they join your meeting.
  • Turn off camera for host when joining meeting: Check this box to turn your camera off when you start a meeting that you’re the host of.
  • Mute participants on entry: Check the box to mute participants when they join your meeting.
  • Select audio: Select from the dropdown menu to use Internet audio only, Telephone only, or Telephone and Internet audio for your meeting audio source.

Configuring in-meeting language

You can have your RingCentral Meetings in-meeting language set to any of our supported languages by changing the language of your desktop and then restarting. To learn more about our supported languages, visit RingCentral Supported Languages
You can also change the language of just the RingCentral app if your operating system has this option. To learn more, visit How do I Change Language Settings.
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