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Last updated on January 23, 2022
An agent can compose a new email in the same way as a message by using action items. The compose window is optimized to display only essential information. For example, when populating recipients, you click in the Recipients field to display additional options. The Cc and Bcc lines are collapsed and you can expand these fields only when needed by clicking on them.
  1. Navigate to Inbox via the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Click New Message.
  3. Select the desired channel.
  4. Click Recipients to populate the recipients. To add Cc or Bcc recipients, click those fields.
  5. Fill out the remaining fields and use the controls as desired (see Email options for more info).
  6. Enter your message in the message window.
  7. Click Send.
Composing an email.

Email options

At the bottom left of the Reply or Write an email windows are selections you can choose from to reply to a message:
  • Attach file:  Indicated by a paperclip icon, this lets you add one or more attachments by selecting files from your computer. When you’ve added more than one attachment, the phrase ‘x attached files’ is displayed along with the attachments. A Delete all link allows you to remove all the files in a single click.  The attachment will be private when sending it through a Facebook or Youtube channel. A private attachment means that the URL to the attachment contains a JWT token which will expire. For more details, see Sending an attachment to a customer.
  • Formatting: Indicated by a slash inside an open angle bracket icon, click this to turn on/off the font format toolbar.
  • Reply assistant: Indicated by a feather pen icon, click this to enable the reply assistant, which will appear to the right of the Reply window. The reply assistant allows an agent to reply quickly to a customer with knowledge base replies and similar question replies. format toolbar.
  • Preview: Indicated by an eye icon, this allows you to preview the message before sending.
  • Request Approval: Indicated by a person icon, this activates the request approval button to allow messages to be approved by a supervisor before sending. The request approval icon will be grayed out once activated.
When composing an email, you will specify to:, cc:, and bcc: recipients. The appearance of the fields for the recipients will vary depending on whether your admin has configured an option to collapse the recipients. When collapsed, clicking on the To: region will display additional fields for cc: and bcc: recipients.
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