Engage Digital | Availability by agent (Routing mode only) report

Last updated on November 24, 2021
This report shows the time spent per day and per agent for each presence status. The graph shows the total time for all agents and per status. The table shows the time per agent and per status.
The different statuses of presence are:
  • Unoccupied: The agent has no interaction
  • Available: The agent has not reached their normal capacity, they have at least one interaction open and can receive some more
  • Busy: The agent has reached their soft capacity, and cannot receive new interactions unless manually requested
  • Max capacity: The agent has reached their max capacity
  • Total active: Total of all active statuses (available + busy + max capacity)
  • Away: Default away status
  • Total: Total of all statuses
The absence statuses are customizable and may vary from one console to another.
The global agent status of presence is the status across all channels. It is calculated based on the presence status in each channel with the following logic:
Conditions Global status
An agent is away on all channels
An agent is available at least in one channel Available
An agent is unoccupied in one channel and max capacity or busy or away or unoccupied in others Available
An agent is max capacity in one channel and max capacity or away in others
Max capacity
An agent is busy in one channel and away or max capacity or busy in others Busy
An agent is unoccupied in one channel and unoccupied or away in others Unoccupied
All custom statuses are considered as Away.

Interpreting results: determining agents’ occupancy rate per channel

The occupancy rate is the time during which the agent is handling interactions over the total (Active + Unoccupied) time spent in Routing mode. The higher the occupancy rate, the more active the agent is when they are connected in Routing mode.
Please note, if the agents do not log out at the end of the day, their idle time (Unoccupied) will continue to be counted. For this report to be useful, you need to ensure that your agents log out daily.
Here is how you can determine the occupation rate:
(Total active x 100) / (Total active + Unoccupied) = occupation rate (%).
For example, suppose that your agent Alex was active for 4mn 21s and his total time (active + unoccupied) is 1h 40mn + 4mn 21s = 1h 44mn 21s. His occupation rate is (4mn 21s x100) / 1h 44mn 21s = 4%.
Say that another agent, Chris L, was active for a total of 3h44mn. His total time is 3h44mn + 5h12mn = 8h56mn. Chris L’s occupation rate is therefore (3h44mn x 100) / 8h12mn = 46%.
Interpreting results: determining agents’ occupancy rate per channel
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