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Last updated on November 24, 2021
The Average queue time report gives the average queue time for the selected period from a historical perspective. This time is calculated based on the interactions that are accepted by agents, and establishes the time difference between interactions that appeared in the queue (created or transferred) and interactions accepted by an agent.
As the report is calculated based on the interactions accepted by agents, it will show you the historical view of how long interactions have been in the queue before being accepted by an agent. The report won't show you the state of your current queue.
The table shows the queue time for the interactions associated with the channel group in the system, such as ‘Async’ or ‘Realtime’. Data is reported for the current and previous periods, and relates to the selected period of time on the top of the page. The growth is the difference between the values in the current and previous periods. As the growth of queue time is a red flag of the agents' performance, it is marked with red color.

Interpreting results: viewing the abandonment and engagement rates

For example, suppose that over a selected period, the average queue time is 4mn55s. For the channel ‘Async’ the previous period the queue time is 2mn32s but there are no accepted interactions for the current period. For this reason growth has not been calculated yet. For the channel ‘Realtime’ there is a growth of the queue time, equal to 41.25%, in comparison with the previous period, and this increase is highlighted in red.
View of Average queue time report
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