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Last updated on April 27, 2022
The Average response time report displays the average response time over the selected period between each customer message and each agent reply within a conversation. The report shows the average response time per agent, as well as the number of replies per conversation in the selected period. 
Response time is the interval between a customer’s message and an agent’s reply. The average response time listed in the report is the average of the average response times for all conversations within the selected period.
Response times are associated with specific conversations, and with the agent in charge of a conversation. Messages that are sent to the customer with no conversation (automated messages, bot messages, or messages sent directly from the channel, for instance) are not taken into account for the calculation of the average response time. Response time is the time between the last customer and the last agent message. If there are new messages, then this time will be recalculated.
If the average response time is far from your target response time, the Average response time report can help you diagnose possible causes, including understaffing, and situations in which agents respond to outdated messages.

Interpreting results: comparing agents’ average response times

In the example conversation, agents’ average response time is 76mn36s. Filtering agents’ results by descending order allows you to identify agents with longer average response times.
In this example, the first two agents’ average response times deviate significantly from the overall average because on this specific day, they responded to messages from previous days.
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