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Last updated on November 24, 2021
The Contact rate report gives, in absolute value, the number of discussion threads without conversations as well as threads with at least one conversation. The table shows the number of children without conversations, with at least one conversation, over the selected period, the previous period, as well as the evolution between the two.
The contact rate is the ratio of the number of threads with at least one conversation over the total number of threads. A discussion thread with no conversation is a thread in which no agent has engaged messages, meaning that no conversation was opened. The messages from a thread with no conversation therefore have a status of either New or Archived.
The contact rate report is most appropriate for use with chat channels, as a discussion thread for a chat channel can only contain a single conversation associated with a client, whereas on social media channels, a discussion thread oftens leads to several conversations (one per client). As a result, not replying to a customer has a stronger negative impact on the contact rate on chat channels than on social media channels. For social channels, we recommend that you calculate the engagement rate from the Messages by status report.

Interpreting results: viewing the abandonment and engagement rates

For example, suppose that over a selected period, your report shows you have an engagement rate of 63% and an abandonment rate of 38% on an Engage Chat channel. The engagement rate of 63% represents threads with at least one conversation, while the abandonment rate of 38% reflects threads where no conversation was opened by an agent.
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