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Last updated on November 24, 2021
The First contact resolution report shows you the absolute number of closed conversations with or without reopening. The table shows, per agent, the number of closed conversations with or without reopening over the selected period.
This report allows you to compare the proportion of conversations that, at the time of the consultation, are closed without reopening compared to those that have been closed and reopened. The higher the rate of closed conversations without reopening, the better the quality of your service Agents are able to resolve customer inquiries durably and customers do not need to write again. 

This report also allows you to diagnose agents’ difficulties in working through messages. For example, if an agent has a large amount of closed operations with reopenings, they probably close their conversations too early, that is, before the customer’s inquiry is solved. Also, if you have enabled customer satisfaction surveys, your agents must avoid closing conversations too early, as a survey is sent to the customer once the agent closes the conversation.

Interpreting the results: examining the rate of closed conversations without reopening

For example, suppose that your data shows that of the 5 conversations that were created over the period selected and handled by agents, 4 were closed by agents, and then reopened one or several times after a new message was received. This shows that conversations are being closed too early before the conversation is solved.
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