Engage Digital | Interaction activity (Routing mode only) report

Last updated on November 24, 2021

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Interaction activity report
This report shows, in absolute value, the interaction activity per agent. The activity includes these statuses:
  • Missed: Recorded when an interaction is presented to an agent for 30 seconds. If the agent does not accept it, the interaction is missed and the agent’s status is updated to Away
  • Accepted: Recorded when an agent accepts an interaction that is presented to them
  • Forced assigned: Recorded when transferring an interaction directly to an agent by skipping the queue
  • Revived: Recorded when an agent manually recalls an interaction from their history or  deferred interactions
  • Deferred: This activity is recorded when an agent defers an interaction
  • Closed: This activity is recorded when an agent closes an interaction
  • Transferred: This activity is recorded when an agent transfers an interaction
  • Expired from workbin: This activity is recorded when the agent is no longer logged in and has one or more interactions in their box. These interactions expire after one hour by default, and are re-routed

Interpreting results: Detecting unusual agent activity in Routing mode

When an agent misses an interaction, it means that they were not on the system when the interaction was assigned to them. The agent who misses an interaction changes to Away and no longer receives interactions until they manually change their status to Available. A significant number of missed interactions might reveal a misuse of the tool. 
If the agent is working on another tool at the end of their shift, they must change their status so that the system stops distributing interactions to them and statistics on their activity times are as accurate as possible. Also, if an agent misses an interaction, the (first) response time is impacted, especially on chat channels.
Agents can enable sound and visual notifications to avoid missing interactions.

Expired from workbin

If an agent logs out with active interactions in their ongoing interactions, their interactions will expire after one hour and will be rerouted. The interaction timeout is customizable in each channel and is set to one hour by default. That means that 1 hour of response time will be lost if the agent did not transfer or complete their task before logging out. If the agent has expired interactions from the workbin, they should be reminded of best practices.
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