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Interactions transferred per hour report
Last updated on November 24, 2021
The Interactions transferred per hour report shows you the average number of transferred digital interactions per hour over the selected period. The table shows the average and total numbers of transferred interactions per agent per channel.
If a day is selected as a period, the average will be equal to the total. If the period is greater than one day, the average is calculated per slot and then the total.
For example, you select to show the transferred interactions for the time period 11am to 6pm. You see that the hours with the highest average number of transferred interactions are 2pm and 6pm where an average of one interactions per hour is transferred.
View of additional info when you hover your mouse over a group component
The logic of this report is the following:
  • When an interaction is transferred several times, each transfer is counted separately;
  • Non-routable and disposition categories are excluded from the report; 
  • Force assignment is not taken into account for this report too.

Interpreting results: evaluating the impact of transferred interactions

Note the following considerations when interpreting results:
  • Transferred interactions must also be considered along with created interactions (see the Interactions by hour report) for forecasting and team sizing because transfers must be taken into account as incoming flows
  • Transferring interactions from one skill to another can impact productivity and helps evaluate agent behavior
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