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Last updated on November 24, 2021
This report gives the absolute number of messages per action type per day over the selected period. 
The types of action are:
  • Categorizations
  • Ignores
  • Replies (private or public)
Per agent, the table presents the distribution of messages according to their processing over the selected period. The graph shows the number of cancellations, closures, openings, and reopenings of messages over the selected period. Note that just because an agent has a high number of responses does not mean that they solve as many customer inquiries.

The Conversations activity report better represents agent performance than the Messages activity report. This is because an agent may need to send more replies than another to solve a customer inquiry. For example, a technical problem will require more replies than a mere request for information.

Interpreting results: comparing agent performance in terms of replies

By enabling the FTE, you compare the performance of your agents on the same basis: for an equivalent presence time, you get the number of actions on messages that agents would theoretically perform.
Say, for example, Chris L is an agent. He logs in to the platform only occasionally to reply to messages that have been assigned to him. He does not categorize his own messages. He logs in only to reply, and then logs out. Suppose that given these facts, Chris L has no categorization or ignores, but has 9 replies over the selected period. Because of his short presence time, Chris L’s estimated number of replies/day is skewed data.
View of comparing agent performance in terms of replies
View of comparing agent performance in terms of replies
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