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Last updated on November 24, 2021

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The Messages by category report allows you to analyze the distribution of incoming and outgoing messages on the various sectors of activity, routing teams, or skills that have been created in the Admin section of the platform. The data in this report is not fixed and is bound to evolve over time. Indeed, a message can be recategorized after having been categorized for the first time.
To create this report you must select a parent category in the rightmost field. You can then filter by child category using the second field.

See the most mobilized skills by channel

One way you can use the Messages by category report is to see the most mobilized skills by channel. You can filter by subcategory to visualize the distribution of messages in this category according to the skills. For example, 29% of the messages in the Disposition category are billing inquiries.
See the most mobilized skills by source

Determine recurring causes of contact

If you have created disposition categories to categorize your incoming messages, you can select the corresponding parent category (the right-most field) to view the causes of contact. The disposition categories differ from the other categories in that the agent assigns them at the end of the conversation, when they have a better idea of the reason for the customer contact.
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