Engage Digital | Messaging thread by trigger report

Last updated on November 24, 2021
The Messaging thread by trigger report shows the triggers that were triggered chat sessions over the selected period. A messaging trigger results in creating a new messaging session, and a trigger is applied always on your website, or based on a condition occurring that you define. 
Triggers with a low trigger number are grouped under Other. The detailed breakdown for Others is available under the graph. This report is available only if you have connected at least one Engage Messaging channel.

Tracking messaging activity and modulating triggers

You can use this report to see which triggers are the most/less effective. The triggers with highest numbers tell you which pages lead to most messaging sessions or which pages may be more problematic for customers.
If a trigger triggers only a few messaging sessions, the page may not pose a problem for customers, the trigger may not be configured ideally, or it may not be visible enough.
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