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Last updated on January 27, 2022

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The Engage Digital platform consists of three unified interfaces that the user can easily navigate. Each interface is unique but has a parallel structure that makes learning to navigate the platform intuitive and straightforward. 
When you first log in to the platform, the first thing you’ll see is the agent interface, but you can quickly switch to Admin or Analytics by using the top header bar. Depending on your access, you may have access to one or all interfaces. 
All configurations for Agent and Analytics are performed by administrators in the admin interface. What you can see and access in each interface depends on what your admin configures for you. 
Let’s first discuss what you’ll see in the top header bar.

Top header bar

The top header bar is available at the top of your screen in each of the interfaces. On the top left, you’ll see the menu icon, which looks like three stacked lines. If you click on the menu icon, it expands the left navigation bar, so that you can see the names of each product menu option.
In the middle of the top header bar, you’ll find links to the following interfaces: Agent, Analytics, and Admin. Click one of these links to quickly switch between interfaces. 
Finally, at far right, you’ll find your profile menu, indicated by a blue circle with your initials in the center.
View of the top header bar

Profile menu

In the top right corner, you’ll find the initials of the user that you’re signed in as. Once you click the initials, the profile menu will provide several menu options. 
View of the profile menu

Configuring notifications

You can select Configure notifications in the dropdown to open the Configure notifications page. There are two types of notifications: email and interaction notifications. Email notifications pertain to the work item alerts in Routing mode and Inbox. Interaction notifications are configurations for your browser pop-ups and sound alerts preferences. You can enable or disable these notifications according to your preference.
Agent notifications
Another way to configure your notification is through your desktop browser settings (i.e., notification settings in Google Chrome). This pop-up alert comes directly from your browser and is helpful when you’re looking at a different window or screen so that you don’t miss a work item alert.

Impersonate agent

The Impersonate agent feature lets you impersonate another agent and respond to a customer using another agent’s identity. If you have access and are currently impersonating another agent, your name will display as ‘John Doe, as Agent Jane.’ 
Note that while impersonating another agent, your system access and permission will reflect the agent you are logged in as.

View my audit log

The View my audit log menu option provides a summary of your tasks and interactions in the platform. Audit logs take note of just about every change within the system, providing a complete track record of your activity, organized by date and time. Once you select View my audit log from the profile menu, the Audit Log page will appear.
View of audit log

Need help?

When you select Need help? from the profile menu dropdown, it will redirect you to the help page, an online guide to the platform. Here, you can search for the info you need by entering the keyword in the search bar or by manually looking up the information by scrolling through the page.

Left-hand navigation bar

The left-hand navigation bar, also called the left nav bar, is the blue sidebar that you can always find at the left-hand side of your screen. When you click on the menu icon (the one that looks like three stacked lines) the list of names associated with each product menu option will appear. 
For certain locales, the menu titles in those languages may exceed the available space in the left nav bar, and will display an ellipsis and a native tooltip with the full text label.

Inside the left nav bar, you can access the Inbox (folder and circle icon), Routing mode (checkmark and box icon), and if you are given the permission, the Supervision menu.
View of the left-hand navigation bar


The admin platform is the interface for administrators to configure all the settings for your digital contact center. To access the admin interface, select Admin from the top header bar.
The default view you’ll see under Admin is the Users menu option. If you hover over each icon in the left nav bar, a sliding tray will reveal the names of the menu options available to you. For more information, visit Intro to Admin.
See the list below of what you can find in the left nav bar in the admin interface:
  • Users: Indicated by a three-person icon, this allows you to manage user roles and permissions. Roles grant users permissions to take certain actions in the platform. To learn more, visit Intro to roles and permissions.
  • Channels: Indicated by a three-pointing arrows icon, this allows you to manage your channels and community configurations. To learn more, visit Intro to channels.
  • Routing: Indicated by a two-curved arrows icon, this allows you to manage your categories, message routing, and digital channels. To learn more, visit Intro to categories.
  • Digital: Indicated by a chat box icon, this allows you to manage customer. information and identities, surveys, and more. To learn more, visit Using identity tags.
  • Agent tools: Indicated by a person and tools icon, this allows you to manage your agents' reply assistant and email templates. To learn more, visit Intro to the reply assistant.
  • Settings: Indicated by a gear icon, this allows you to manage your account settings like business hours, audit logs, and notifications. To learn more, visit Intro to settings.
  • Applications: Indicated by a three-box icon, this allows you to manage installed applications.
  • Dev Tools: Indicated by a comment marker icon, this is a tool accessed by developers only.
View of the left-hand navigation bar
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