Engage Voice | Creating quota groups

Last updated on June 30, 2021

Table of contents

You can create a quota management group by taking the following steps:
1. Navigate to Dialing > Advanced settings > Quota management via the left-hand navigation bar.
2. Click the Add Quota Management Group button to open the Edit Quota Group window.
3. Keep the Is Active box checked if you wish to make the group active immediately. Uncheck to deactivate it.
4. Enter a name for your quota group in the Quota Group Name field.
5. Click Save to exit the window.

Quota group actions

Once you’ve created a quota group, it will appear below the search bar. Each group you create will offer a list of options by clicking the More icon button at far right of the group’s name. The following options will appear:
  • Add Target: Add and configure targets that will live within the current group. 
  • Edit Group: Edit the group’s name, activate or deactivate the group, or reset the target count (via the red Reset Targets Count button at bottom left).
  • Delete Group: Delete the entire group and all the targets it contains. 
  • Quota Group Stats: Open a table with up-to-date information on the dialing progress of your quota groups and targets. We’ll discuss the table in a bit more detail once you’ve learned how to set up and configure your quota targets.
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