Engage Voice | Creating a voicemail detection profile 

Last updated on June 30, 2021

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Creating a voicemail detection profile is fast and easy. You can access voicemail profiles by navigating to Dialing > Advanced settings > Voicemail detection via the left-hand navigation bar. This will direct you to the Profile page, where you will see a list of all profiles that have been created.
To create a new profile, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to Dialing > Advanced settings > Voicemail detection.
2. Click on New profile on the upper right corner of the Voicemail detection page.
3. Choose a name for your voicemail detection profile.
4. Mark the Default profile checkbox if you wish to make this profile the default for all campaigns.
5. Complete the fields in the Settings section as desired.
6. Click on Save to save your progress, or click on Save and close to save and exit.
After saving the profile, you can edit it later by clicking on its name.

Voicemail detection profile settings

In this section, you’ll find different settings you can customize. Each field has default values and are measured in milliseconds (ms). Remember that one second is 1000 milliseconds. Here are the different settings you can find in the Settings section:
  • Initial silence: The maximum silence duration before the greeting. If exceeded, then a voicemail is detected.
  • Greeting: The maximum length of the greeting. If exceeded, then a voicemail is detected.
  • After greetings silence: The maximum silence after detecting a greeting. If exceeded, then a voicemail is detected.
  • Total analysis time: The maximum time allowed for the algorithm to decide whether the called party is a human or a voicemail.
  • Minimum word length: The minimum amount of time voice activity must last for voice activity to be detected as a word. If the duration of the voice activity is shorter than the minimum word length, silence is detected.
  • Between words silence: The minimum duration of silence after a word to consider the audio that follows as a new word.
  • Maximum number of words: The maximum number of words detected in the greeting. If exceeded, then a voicemail is detected.
  • Silence threshold: The sensitivity of the algorithm when detecting silence, represented by the average level of noise from 0 to 32767, which, if not exceeded, is considered as silence.
View of Voicemail detection profile settings
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