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Last updated on September 01, 2021

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While you’re in the audio library settings modal window (see above below) within a queue or campaign, you can edit, preview, or download any audio file using the pencil, play, and down arrow icons to the right of the audio filename.
Search for and select an audio file
You can also take any of these actions (with the addition of an option to delete an audio file) via the Audio Library section of the platform. To reach this section, navigate to Settings > Audio Library via the left nav bar.
Let’s take a look at each of the actions you’ll find when configuring an audio file. 
The Edit setting allows you to change the name of the audio file. Please note that special characters are not allowed in the filename. 
The Preview setting allows you to listen to the entire audio file before selecting it. Press the play icon to begin playback and the stop icon to stop it. 
The Download setting allows you to download the audio file to your computer. Click the down arrow and the file will save to your computer.
The Delete setting allows you to delete the audio file. Click the x icon to the right of the file and the system will remove the file from the audio library. Please note: You’ll only be able to access this setting in the Audio Library section of the platform. 

Reordering and removing audio files from the playback list

In the Routing and Dialing sections of the platform, you can get a bit more granular with your audio file playback configuration — that is, you can reorder and remove files right from your queue and campaign audio configuration settings without leaving that screen.
To change the order in which the audio files are played or remove an audio file altogether, take the following steps:
  1. In your queue or campaign’s configuration settings, click the down arrow in the audio field you wish to edit (the field will read [x] files selected). A dropdown menu will appear with a list of the audio files you selected for this setting. The order in which the files appear is the order in which they will play.
  2. Click and hold any audio file.
  3. When the four-pointed arrow appears, drag the file and drop it wherever you’d like.
  4. If you wish to remove an audio file from the playback list, click the x icon at far right of the file’s name.
View of reordering and removing audio files from the playback list
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