Engage Voice | Managing phone book entries

Last updated on December 13, 2021

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Each time you create a phone book entry, it will immediately appear in a table in the Configure Phone Book Entries section. The table contains information about each phone book entry, like its identification number (used for tracking and reporting purposes), name, destination name, any notes attached to that entry, and the date that it was created. 
You’ll also have the opportunity to edit or delete each entry via the pencil and paper Edit icon and the Delete x icon at far right.
If you have many entries that you wish to filter through quickly, click into the search bar and begin typing any identifying information for the entry you’d like to see. The table will automatically filter your results as you type.

Phone books for agents

Agents can access and make use of phone book entries via the Transfer icon that appears in the agent interface while the agent is on a call. Once they click that icon, it will open a small Call Transfer window containing a dropdown menu with three headings. In this case, the menu under the Phonebook heading will be populated with any numbers/destinations you have created and attached to the current queue or campaign. 

Please note that the Phonebook dropdown menu will display all global phone book entries along with any queue or campaign phone book entries you may have created.
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