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Obtaining and managing Caller ID buckets

Last updated on June 30, 2021

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To obtain a selection of phone numbers you can use as alternate Caller IDs, you can contact our Support team and request a Caller ID bucket. Please note that Caller ID buckets represent a paid service — review your contract for details on your cost. 

About Caller ID buckets

A Caller ID bucket represents a selection of phone numbers with different area codes. When you purchase a bucket from us and assign that bucket to a campaign, we will match each lead you dial with a phone number in the same (or similar) area code as the lead. 
A Caller ID bucket typically contains approximately 169 numbers, taking phone numbers from three to four area codes per state. Our Support team will obtain these numbers for you and assign them to your account according to the parameters you indicate when you request the bucket.

Caller ID bucket functionality

Once you have a Caller ID bucket, you can add it to any campaign you like. Now, when a call goes out on that campaign, the system will look through that bucket and select a phone number that’s closest to the area code of the lead you’re calling. It will attach that Caller ID to the outgoing call so that the lead sees the Caller ID number from the bucket, not the actual phone number from which the agent or system is dialing.  
Remember — in order to comply with industry regulations, those alternate Caller IDs must be tied to an active inbound service ready to provide your company name and a way for leads to request placement on the DNC list.
As part of your Caller ID bucket service, we will take all the phone numbers in your Caller ID bucket and attach them to an appropriately configured inbound queue (of your choice) so those leads have a valid, active phone number to call back for the information and/or services they need.
Please note that you can use the same Caller ID bucket for multiple campaigns, or you can request multiple buckets and assign them to campaigns however you like.

Requesting a Caller ID bucket

  1. Consult your contract for your Caller ID bucket cost
  2. Contact Support and request a Caller ID bucket, providing them with the request information detailed below. Please note that we recommend you first read the following section on Caller ID buckets before contacting Support.

Caller ID bucket information

  • The name you wish to assign to the bucket
  • The forwarding number you wish to use for calls made from this bucket
  • A Caller ID name to display to leads (we apply ‘Cust Svc’ by default). Please note that this name can include 15 characters maximum, including spaces

Adding a Caller ID bucket to a campaign

Once Support confirms that your Caller ID bucket is ready, it’s time to add that bucket to a campaign.
  1. Navigate to Dialing > Campaigns via the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Select the campaign you’d like to attach the new bucket to.
  3. Scroll down to the Local Caller ID Settings section via the Configuration tab in the campaign’s configuration panel.
  4. Select the bucket you would like to add via the Local Caller ID Bucket dropdown menu.
  5. Save your changes via the Save button at bottom right.
Please note that when you add a Caller ID bucket to a campaign, it will only affect future leads added to this campaign. All existing leads will continue to dial using the same Caller ID they were using before. 
If you wish to update existing leads — or remove a Caller ID from existing leads — you can do that too, using settings found in the same section. 

Updating Caller ID for existing leads

If you wish to connect your existing leads to a Caller ID bucket you’ve just added to a campaign, you can use the Update Existing Leads setting located in the same Local Caller ID Settings section in your campaign’s configuration settings.
All you have to do is save any changes you’ve made to your campaign, then click Update Existing Leads to perform the update.
Please be aware that this update may halt dialing for several minutes (depending on the amount of leads being modified), so you may want to do this during off-peak call times.
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