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Engage Voice | Agent scripting elements:
Inputs (Input, Custom, Date, Email, Number, Phone)

Last updated on June 30, 2021

Table of contents

Input elements allow you to capture specific types of input directly into your script.
This article discusses additional settings and features that are specific to Input elements alone. Check out Editing Page elements: the basics for more information on basic element settings, and Adjusting elements on a script page for element adjustment.
 Input types consist of the following:
  • Input: This element allows you to capture any type of input. It includes all the following input types as well
  • Input - Custom: This element allows you to capture any type of input. It includes all the following input types as well
  • Input - Date: This element allows you to capture input in the following date format: MM/DD/YYYY
  • Input - Email: This element allows you to capture an email in standard email format
  • Input - Number: This element allows you to capture numerical input in any format
  • Input - Phone: This element allows you to capture a phone number in ten-digit format (international numbers are not supported here)
Bear in mind that all of these elements will display at a fixed height of 50px, so they’re best used for shorter entries.


In the Configuration tab for each Input element, you’ll find several options. These options allow you to configure the input types you expect to receive, as well as their parameters.
  • Default Value: Choose a tag that will display a default value within the field
  • Type: Here, you can choose the type of input you expect to receive in this field. The system will validate the input received against the type you choose here, and if it’s not the specified format, then the input will be flagged as incorrect
  • Max Length: This field will only appear for text, email, and custom input types; use it to choose the maximum length of characters you wish to allow in this field
  • Input Mask: This setting appears when you choose a custom input type. It forces the input text to match your parameters. Valid characters for this setting are the following:
    • ‘A’ for any letter
    • ‘9’ for any number
    • ‘*’ (asterisk) to allow both numbers and letters
    • ‘!_@(), etc.’ to allow any special characters (of your choosing)
For example, for a phone number, you would enter (999)999-9999.
Set up Input element
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