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Reviewing inbound queue call data in Analytics

Last updated on June 30, 2021

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The admin interface provides real-time and historical analytics data for calls in the Analytics section of the platform. The system stores all the call activity for your inbound queues so that you can access it from Real-time dashboards or Prebuilt Reports. Whereas Real-time dashboards allow you to instantly see real-time data in the form of widgets on your dashboard, Prebuilt Reports allows you to download or schedule a report. To learn more about these analytics capabilities in the platform, visit Intro to Analytics.
Once you have placed test calls to your inbound queue, you should review the dashboards and reports for those calls to verify that they reflect the data that you expect to see. For example, you may want to see data showing calls received in queues and assigned to agents in those queues. In this case, you could review Real-time dashboards at the exact times the calls were placed, real-time reports on the same day the calls were placed, and historical report downloads on a date at least one day after the calls were placed. 
To learn more about using real-time dashboards, visit Intro to Real-Time reporting.

Real Time dashboard data for inbound testing

You can access Real-time dashboards by navigating to Analytics > Real-time dashboards. When you click the Add Widget button, you will be presented with various categories of widgets. The following widgets are most relevant for viewing real-time inbound activity:
  • Inbound: You can use this widget to display real-time data for all the inbound queues
  • Agent: You can use this widget to display real-time data for the agents assigned to inbound queues
To learn more about adding widgets to your real-time dashboards, visit Adding widgets in the Real-time dashboard.

Prebuilt Reports for inbound testing

Now let’s go over real-time and historical inbound reports on inbound queue activity. Whereas Real-time dashboards includes widgets that display immediate call activity, Prebuilt Reports contain statistical data for a particular time period. 
You can access Prebuilt Reports by navigating to Analytics > Report downloads. When you navigate to Prebuilt Reports, you will be presented with various categories of reports. The reports provided in the sections below are most relevant for viewing data on the inbound activity that has been collected in the platform.
Learn more here.
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