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Last updated on September 21, 2022

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The Engage platform provides several dashboards organized by categories that provide data on current information. Most of the reports used in dashboards can be found in the Standard folder of Historical reports. Learn more.
Note: Dashboards and reports that reference digital data are reserved for future use.

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Some parts of the UI will refer to reports as ‘insights.’ Reports are ‘insights’ as well. Still, most of the UI will only refer to reports as ‘reports’ and not ‘insights.’ Insight is a deprecated term.
The Agent Conduct dashboard provides the overall call center health and demonstrates any misbehavior of agent operations in handling interactions. This dashboard helps identify if there is a high number of rejected interactions, excessive hold and wrap-up times, and shorter than usual talk time with customers.
The dashboard monitors a number of assigned, connected, short, and rejected interactions, as well as average hold, talk, wrap-up, and handle times and compares agent results with agent group and overall (average) call center results. It also tracks a trend of the Acceptance Rate KPI as the percentage of accepted interactions out of all offered interactions by that agent over the reported period.
Here are the following filters you can use to sort out data in the Agent Conduct dashboard:
  • Date range: A range of days that the dashboard will be covering. Preset to the last 30 days.
  • Product Type: Narrows the report down to a specific product type.
  • Product Group: Narrows the report down to a specific product/subset of product groups
  • Product: Narrows the report down to a specific product/subset of products
  • Product ID: Narrows the report down by using product IDs.
  • Agent Group: Narrows the report down to a subset of agent groups.
  • Agent Group ID: Narrows the report down to a subset of agent groups, using agent group IDs.
  • Agent Team: Narrows the report down to a subset of agent teams.
  • Agent ID: Narrows the report down using agent IDs.
  • Agent Full Name: Narrows the report down to a subset of agents, using full agent names.

Call Handling KPIs

The Call Handling KPIs section contain the following KPIs related to agent conduct:
  • Acceptance Rate: Percentage of acceptance rate of segments. 
  • RNA Rate: Number of interactions ringing at agent phone, but not answered by the agent (Ring No Answer), as a percentage of all interactions assigned to that agent.
  • Short Calls Rate: Percentage of calls with talk time shorter than 10 seconds. 
  • Avg Handle Time: Average time it took an agent to handle the call.
  • Avg Ring Time: Average time ringing per segment.
Shows the different call handling KPIs

Calls Volume & Wait Times and Ring No Answer Calls Distribution

This section contains two reports.
Shows the Calls Volume & Wait Times and Ring No Answer Calls Distribution section

Calls, Ring Time, Queue Time and RNA Time

A combo chart that shows the sum of the ring, RNA, and queue times in separate columns (left axis), with a line chart plotting the total number of calls (right axis) over a period of time.  

RNA by Agent

This bar chart tracks the RNA count for each agent. Click on a bar in this chart to drill into a detailed report (Ring No Answer Call Details report) covering all Ring No Answer calls that were associated with a particular agent. 

Agent Handle Time

This section contains four reports.
Shows the Agent Handle Time section

Top 10 Agent Handle Time vs All Agents

A combo chart that tracks the average handle time (bar, left axis) and the overall average handle time (line, right axis) for the top 10 agents.

Agent Handle Time Analysis

Bubble chart that shows the correlation between Avg Talk Time (x-axis) and Avg Wrap Time (y-axis), taking into account the interaction volume (segments in measure, bubble size) by agent (view by).

Agent Avg Handle Time Distribution

Chart that shows the distribution (in percentage) of the average handle time of agents.

Agent Handle Time in Group

Shows the individual average handle time for each agent, as well as the average handle time per agent group.

Agent Conduct Details

Acceptance Rate Trend

Shows the change in the percentage of acceptance rate of segments over time. 

Agents without Agent Disposition

Bar chart that shows the full name of agents and their respective segment count without dispositions.

Agent Handle Time in Group

Shows the Agent Conduct Details section
This report contains information on agent and product details:
  • Agent Group
  • Agent Team
  • Agent Full Name
  • Product Group
  • Product
  • Agent Assigned
  • Agent Connected
It also contains data on agent conduct:
  • RNA
  • Short Calls
  • Acceptance Rate
  • RNA Rate
  • Short Calls Rate
  • Avg Talk Time
  • Avg Wrap Time
  • Avg Handle Time
  • Avg Hold Time
  • Avg Ring Time
Learn more about these metrics here.
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