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QoS: Stream and Quality widget | RingEX

Last updated on September 01, 2021
Use the Video/Phone toggle in the upper right corner to select widget view.
Move the slider to toggle between Video and Phone data.
For Phone, this widget shows how calls were distributed throughout the day and week as well as their quality. The larger the circle, the more call legs associated with the extension/user. The color of the circle indicates the average quality of the call legs at that time of day. If you hover over any circle, you will get more detailed information. Clicking on any colored circle redirects to the Quality of Service Calls tab for more details.
Similarly, for Video, this widget shows how a user or extension’s meetings were distributed throughout the day and week, and their quality. For Video, the quality is based on average media stream quality sent and received by the user/extension during the meeting. 
Note: Quality reflects the experience of the selected user. It does not show the recipient’s experience. For example, while the selected user might show a good connection, a degraded connection for others in the meeting or on a call is not represented.
Streams and Quality widget.
Click on any point in the Streams and Quality widget for more information.
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