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Release Notes

RingCentral Rooms

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RingCentral Rooms (Android/Windows)
VERSION 23.4.20
Release Date: 11/20/2023
What's New
  • Brightspeed/Optus brand support on Rooms de-branded app: Users of Brightspeed/Optus can now use their own room account to log in to Android/Windows Rooms for meeting experience. 
  • Join cross-brand meeting from calendar: When Rooms receive meeting invitations from other brands, Rooms can now tap to join the meetings from upcoming meeting card. Note: Due to Rooms app join cross-brand meeting as a guest, it is unable to join end-to-end encryption meeting.
  • Setup Appspace digital signage link for Rooms: Rooms can display digital signage content from Appspace. IT admin should use Admin Portal to deploy Appspace Public cloud link for digital signage after register device and setup successfully. 
  • Reboot Android Rooms: IT admin can reboot Android Rooms host and controller from ServiceWeb, so that they can remotely solve some host and controller problems. And also Android Room can weekly reboot or scheduled a time to reboot host and controller to keep both of them operate smoothly
  • Start webinar panelist or attendee meeting from mobile: Mobile users are able to use the “join from room” feature for webinars and start their panelist/attendee invite in Rooms.


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