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Release Notes

RingCentral for Google - Chrome Extension

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingCentral for Google - Chrome Extension.
Version 22.4.17
Release Date: 6/1/2023
What's New
  • Fix "cannot add meeting from calendar" issue
Version 22.4.16
Release Date: 5/9/2023
What's New
  • 10-digit dialing support in Canada
  • Call and Text to 988 support in Canada
  • Change the country name from “Turkey” to “Türkiye”
Version 22.4.10
Release Date: 10/9/2022
  • Unify Microsoft 365 extension with Google Chrome extension app
    • Able to authorize Microsoft 365 credentials to display contact data
    • Display Quick Call & SMS injection according to quick access setting
Version 22.3.20
Release Date: 8/22/2022
  • Enterprise Dial Plan/Smart Dial Plan Routing/Outbound Call Prefix support for partner brands
  • Disable C2D for 7 digits number of US/PR region
  • Support call with RC phone app option for partner brand
  • Update remove meeting feature notification
  • Hide DAC for US/PR region
  • Should not treat contact as international call when region is PR
Version 22.3.20 (RC, BT, AT&T, TELUS, Avaya Cloud Office)
Release Date: 8/22/2022
What's New
  • EDP/SDP/OCP support for partner brands
  • Disable C2D for 7 digits number of US/PR region
  • Call with RC phone app (spartan) option for partner brand
  • Update remove meeting feature notification
  • Hide DAC for US/PR region
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue for when a call is redirected to PSTN instead of Ext if the extension number length is between 6 to 8 digits
  • Fixed an issue for RC US accounts to not treat an incoming call or contact info as an international number if it’s region was setup as Puerto Rico.
VERSION 22.2.20
Release Date: 5/17/2022
  • Improvements for Smart Dial Plan & Enterprise Dial Plan
  • Non-provisioned numbers should not show caller ID
Bug Fixes
  • Login multiple dialing plan: Fixed the default dialing plan to be in sync with whichever country’s dialing plan that a user is logged into. 
VERSION 22.1.30
Release Date: 4/6/2022
What's New
  • Supports Smart dial plan
  • Performance improvement for accounts with large contacts
Bug Fixes
  • 7 to 8 digit extension: Fixed issue on WebRTC where users were unable to make an outbound call when the callee’s extension length was more than 6 digits
VERSION 22.1.20 (RC, BT, AT&T, Avaya Cloud Office)
Release Date: 2/22/2022
What's New
  • Disable JP emergency service
  • Preparation to remove meetings from Chrome and migrate towards RingCentral for Google Workspace Add-on
Bug Fixes
  • 7 to 8 digit extension: Fixed issue on WebRTC where users were unable to make an outbound call when the callee’s extension length was more than 6 digits
VERSION 21.4.23 (RC, Avaya Cloud Office)
Release Date: 12/6/2021
What's New
  • New partner support: Avaya Cloud Office
  • Dynamic modules infrastructure support
  • Improvements on user experience when Hubspot app is also installed on a user’s Google Chrome
Bug Fixes
  • Improved Click-to-dial to better detect phone number formats on websites
  • Fixed bugs related to call controls, incoming calls, and voicemails
VERSION 21.3.30 (RC)
Release Date: 9/29/2021
What's New
  • Enjoy the ability to hide user profile from company directory
Bug Fixes
  • RC logo display in floating window
  • Do not disturb icon display
Version 21.3.10
Release Date: 7/28/2021
What's New
  • Add RingCentral Video Room connector details in your meeting invites
Version 21.1.1
Release Date: 1/22/2021
What's New
  • RingCentral Video:
    • Enable waiting rooms
    • Global dial-in numbers 
    • Auto dial the password from email invites
  • RingCentral Meetings: 
    • Enforce password for non PMI meetings
    • Respect the locked settings values from service web
  • RingCentral Video
    • Update the ‘Join before host label’ to ‘Participants can only join after me’
    • Password UX improvement
Release Date: 23 September 2020
What's New
  • Contact details page now includes a field for Site
  • Extension number is now displayed with site codes enabled
  • Find a contact with the short extension number
  • Dial a short extension number
  • Merged 3 RingOut calling options into a single RingOut option
VERSION 4.2.14
Release Date: 31 July 2020
What's New
  • Only allow authenticated users to join meetings
  • Restrict screen sharing to host & moderators only
  • Additional Security Options category
  • Get notifications for extension changes for the video provider
  • Use the RingCentral app as a calling endpoint
Bug Fixes
  • Unable to make emergency calls
VERSION 4.2.12
Release Date: 18 May 2020
What's New
  • Set RingOut from Web caller ID as default caller ID
Bug Fixes
  • Show forwarded numbers in caller ID list
VERSION 4.2.11
Release Date: 22 April 2020
What's New
  • Add meeting password for scheduled meeting
  • Disable 'Join before host'
VERSION 4.2.10
Release Date: 9 April 2020
Bug Fixes
  • Fix duplicate meeting options in the conference dropdown menu on Google Calendar.
Release Date: 2 April 2020
Bug Fixes
  • Fix the issue where meetings expired after 24 hours.
  • Fix RingCentral Meetings dial-in number format
Release Date: 28 October 2019
What's New
  • Hide Limited Use Compliance Disclosure to adhere to Google's policy
  • Remove Gmail tab in Recent Activities (in order to pass Google's verification, not to call Gmail API) 
  • Add Limited Use Compliance Disclosure to adhere to Google's policy
  • C2D/SMS blacklist management
  • Move Add Meeting to 'Add Conferencing' dropdown list
  • Google Calendar add-on take first priority if RingCentral for Google is also installed.
  • C2D injection interferes with HTML/text editors, especially RadEditor
  • Click to dial icon display incorrectly in Google Calendar
  • Change google contacts api for the new authorization of the extension
  • Enhance remote call monitor in all calls page
  • Hide meeting option if user hasn't logged in
  • Remove version number in What's New page
Bug Fixes
  • Searching in Contact Page can sometimes crash the application
  • Can not match google contact
  • Send button in conversations page remain disabled after message sending failed
  • Can't update presence status correctly
  • Message Input has delays, skipping, and cursor hops to the end of the text
  • Pasting phone numbers into content   editable field can trigger c2d injection
  • RingCentral logo is not the newest one in What's New pages
  • Missing RingCentral Meeting option in 'Add Conferencing' dropdown list in Google Calendar page
  • Show the latest conference info after updating/editing
  • Add back Welcome Page for What's New
  • Click to Dial/SMS injection sometimes does not appear in the right position.
What's New
  • Basic Click-to-dial & SMS on any Web page
  • All call controls (except call merge and call park)
  • Access RingCentral extension on any Chrome web page
  • New UI 
  • Business SMS and internal text messages
  • Get a synced  Google and RingCentral directory
  • Directory access from SMS
  • Directory access from Dialing
  • Voicemail/Fax features enabled
  • Teleconference feature enabled
  • Detailed contact card
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Blacklist/Whitelist working prototype (to prevent certain Web sites from displaying RingCentral UI and C2D)
  • Send an incoming call to voicemail
  • Forward an incoming call
  • Reply to an incoming call with a text message
  • Change your presence status
  • RingCentral Meetings plus Collaboration Support
  • Feedback Form
  • What’s New tutorial
  • Support for RingCentral AU
  • Google HO with RingCentral conferencing
  • WebRTC error badge (displays error notification to the user if there is an issue with WebRTC call)
  • Inbound call notification on RingCentral badge when the app is minimized (in addition to browser notification)
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