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Release Notes > Microsoft Teams
Release Notes

RingCentral for Microsoft Teams

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes for RingCentral for Microsoft Teams.
VERSION 24.1.20 (213, J24.1.20)
Release Date: 26 Febrauary 2024
New Features
  • Introduced the following features:
    • Plantronics Hub headset support
    • Deskphone paring support (beta)
VERSION 24.1.10 (207, J24.1.10)
Release Date: 20 January 2024
New Features
  • Introduced the following features:
    • Notify admins whenever a new version of the desktop plugin is available via email and within the RingCentral Admin portal so they can deploy the latest updates to their users. 
    • Support new strategic partner brands
Version 23.4.30 (193, J23.4.30)
Release Date: 20 December 2023
New Features
  • Introduced the following features:
    • VDI support: Users can now run the integration on Citrix, Azure, and VMware VDI's. Learn more
    • Headset support (HID only): Users can now use Teams integration with USB Human Interface Devices (HID) — headsets that connect to their device through a USB port. They can manage call controls such as mute and hangup,  once connected.
    • Contact list improvement: We combined duplicate contacts into a single contact view if they exist in both RingCentral and Microsoft 365 directories.
    • Login session improvement: The embedded app now stores users' login/access tokens for 30 days (previously 7 days) before auto-logging out due to inactivity.
Version 23.4.20 (183, J23.4.20)
Release Date: 27 November 2023
New Features
  • Introduced the following features
    • Click-to-dial support automatically launches the desktop plugin when users click on phone or fax numbers in websites and supported applications.
    • Embedded app deployment support for customers with multiple RingCentral accounts and a single Microsoft Azure account. 
Version 23.4.10 (176, J23.4.10)
Release Date: 25 October 2023
New Features
  • Introduced the following features
    • Feature for users to report any technical issues
    • Support for the new Teams version (work or school)
    • Call analytics dashboard update where admins can view the desktop plugin as a calling endpoint in reports
    • The Desktop plugin is available to download from the RingCentral Downloads website
Version 23.3.20 (143, J23.3.20.11)
Release Date: 23 August 2023
New Features
  • Introduced the following features
    • Support RingCentral Companion app for Cloud PBX 2.0 users
    • Introduced a new settings section called ‘General’ to view the app version and report an issue
    • Enhanced Call rules, voicemail, and work hours setup
    • Feature highlights pop-ups for providing an overview of app features
Version 23.3.10
Release Date: 12 July 2023
New Features
  • Introduced the following features
    • General availability for RingCentral for Teams 2.0
    • Support Admin deployment and embedded app 2.0 for partner brands
    • Feature highlights for better engagement
    • Localization support
    • Smoother and user-friendly desktop plugin and embedded app upgrade experience
    • Performance improvement allowing faster loading of app and the device into sleep mode due to inactivity
Version 23.2.22 (RC) to Version 23.3.10
Release Date: 8 June to 12 July 2023
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed receive notifications issue faced by selected customers
  • User experience fixes for dialpad on the 2.0 mobile embedded app
  • Fixed presence state change on Teams not reflecting in the embedded app for selected customers
  • Fixed app crashing before contact list loads
  • Fixed performance issues causing delayed loading of tabs in embedded app when users is switching between multiple tabs
Version 23.2.22 (RC)
Release Date: 26 June 2023
New Features
  • Introduced the following features
    • Support RingCentral for Teams mobile mode in RingCentral mobile app
    • Support admin enablement of mobile mode from RingCentral Admin Portal
    • Redirect admins from RingCentral Admin Portal to Teams admin center to install embedded app 2.0 beta for accounts with >15k Microsoft users
    • Improved performance and user experience of embedded app based on customer feedback
    • Improved migration/switch for users and admins from RingCentral for Teams 1.0 to 2.0 and vice versa
Version 23.2.22 (RC)
Release Date: 8 June 2023
New Features
  • Introduced the following features
    • Open beta for RingCentral for Teams 2.0
    • Support RingCentral 2.0 embedded app within Teams mobile app
    • Seamlessly switch between 1.0 and 2.0 beta within the embedded app
    • Notifications for missed calls, fax, text, and daily unread items
    • Unified contact list and improved presence sync between RingCentral and Microsoft
    • UI improvements for a modern and simplified user experience across the app
    • Personalized phone and notifications settings from within the embedded app
    • Performance improvements for faster loading of application as well as for better connection between embedded app and desktop plugin
    • Nomadic ERL support
Version 23.2.10 (RC)
Release Date: 6 April 2023
New Features
  • Introduced the following features
    • Closed beta for RingCentral for Teams 2.0 embedded app
    • Seamlessly integrated calling experience within Teams desktop and web
    • Support bi-directional presence sync
    • Introduced headless application, RingCentarl for Teams deskop plugin for active call handling. 
    • Supporting SMS, fax and voicemail within Teams app
    • Simplied deployment and administration from RingCentral Admin Portal
Version 22.4.30 (RC)
Release Date: 20 December 2022
New Features
  • Introduced the following features
    • User profile
    • Call Queue management
    • Analytics dashboard
    • Call recording
    • Voice mail transcription
    • Honor Native and Qunifi DR
Version 22.4.20 (RC)
Release Date: 28 November 2022
New Features
  • Introduced Overall profile card
  • Supports MS Teams dark mode
  • Overall Performance improvement. App load time is now less than or equal to 5 secs. 
Version 22.3.20 (RC)
Release Date: 23 August 2022
  • Improved usage data tracking 
  • Improved app performance and load time
  • Improved contact search experience
Version 22.3.10 (RC)
Release Date: 27 July 2022
  • Improve contact search performance
  • Update app layout for performance improvement
Version 22.2.20 (RC)
Release Date: 20 May 2022
New Features
  • Introduced Login/Logout in mobile version
  • Introduced basic call history in mobile version 
  • Reduce the number of logins required
Version 22.2.10
Release Date: 20 April 2022
New Features
  • Dynamic modules infrastructure support for new partners
  • Loading performance enhancement 
  • Get started page and download link replacement for partners
Version 22.1.30
Release Date: 28 March 2022
New Features
  • All languages support
  • Add a clickable link to not show a pop-up window reminding user to download RingCentral app
  • Call with RingCentral App (Web) enhancement
Bug Fixes
  • Display wrong username in voicemail tab and detail
  • Unable to open contact detail when the call log item has no telephony session id
  • Invite button without response when opening another message extension in RingCentral bot conversation
Version 22.1.20
Release Date: 28 February 2022
New Features
  • Embedded phone module (phone, Text, Fax) and setting module from RingCentral App
  • Support the user to choose call method either by RingCentral App or RingCentral App Web by their own
Bug Fixes
  • Fix the bug that is unable to display full meeting description
Version 22.1.10
Release Date: 18 January 2022
New Features
  • Dynamic modules infrastructure support
Version 21.4.2
New Features
  • Check voicemails via the new voicemail tab
  • Call back from voicemail tab
  • Delete voicemails
  • Performance enhancement by turning off MS Teams contacts by default
Version 21.3.3
Release Date: 15 September 2021
New Features in beta
  • Filter call history by extension, contact name, or phone number 
  • Call history actions: call back number, contact or extension and delete one or all records 
  • View contact cards with merged RingCentral and Microsoft Teams contact details
  • Dialer search results render RingCentral and Microsoft Teams contact details
  • Performance enhancement in contact search and recent calls display
  • Support up to 20K contacts in scalability
Version 21.3.1
Release Date: 5 August 2021
New Features in beta
  • New phone tab with an embedded RingCentral dialpad.
  • Search the Ringcentral directory from the dialpad
  • View call history list
  • Make audio & video calls using Ringcentral App. 
  • Removed support for RC Phone.
  • Support MS Teams Desktop and Web apps
Version 21.1.1
Release Date: 20 January 2021
What's New
  • The RingCentral message extension in Microsoft Teams now supports iOS and Android 
  • Initiate a RingCentral call in the Microsoft Teams mobile app
  • Start a RingCentral video meeting in the Microsoft Teams mobile app
  • Schedule a RingCentral video meeting in the Microsoft Teams mobile app
  • The username of the individual who added RingCentral to the chat will appear.
  • Improved welcome message info in the RingCentral bot’s setup message. 
VERSION 2.0.6 
Release Date: 24 June 2020
What's New
  • Schedule RingCentral Video meeting with PMI
  • Add a RingCentral Video meeting dial-in password
  • Removed Save as Default in meeting settings
  • Open RingCentral Meetings app directly to join RingCentral Meetings
VERSION 2.0.5 
Release Date: 20 May 2020
What's New
  • Add meeting settings to the schedule meeting page
  • Schedule RingCentral Video meetings with a password
  • Open RingCentral Phone app directly when making calls
  • Only show-bot welcome message when the bot is first installed
Release Date: 24 April 2020
What's New
  • Start instant meetings in a team chat
  • Schedule meetings in a team chat
  • Schedule a meeting and configure preferred meeting details
  • Add a meeting password for RingCentral Video scheduled meetings from the backend
  • Localization support
  • Update RingCentral bot welcome message
  • Display meeting label based on video provider
Bug Fixes
  • Fix RingCentral Meetings dial-in number format
  • Fix RingCentral Video meeting expiration issue
Release Date: 17 January 2020
What's New
  • Improvements to the bot installation flow.
  • Support for RingCentral message extensions in a Microsoft Teams group chat.
  • Start and join RingCentral Meetings using the RingCentral message extension.
  • Start and join RingCentral Conference calls using the RingCentral message extension.
Release Date: 4 December 
What's New
  • Install the RingCentral app to a direct message chat
  • Initiate the RingCentral integration in the message extension
  • View a contacts Microsoft Teams phone number
  • View a contacts RingCentral phone number
  • Make a phone call with RingCentral Phone app
Release Date: TBD
What's New
  • “help” command shows all available bot commands.
  • “call” command posts conference call information. This allows Microsoft Teams users to dial-in to a RingCentral conference call.
  • “meet” command posts meeting information. This allows Microsoft Teams users to meet over a RingCentral video meeting.
  • Initiate a voice or video call with a single click from within Microsoft Teams contact cards.
  • Support for all commands in the direct messaging window as well as team messaging window.
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