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Pairing the RingCentral Rooms host device and controller

Last updated on February 27, 2023

Table of contents

Before hosting or attending RingCentral Rooms meetings in your conference room, an admin must set up RingCentral Rooms for Android devices, and Windows. If you’re an admin, you can do this by signing in to RingCentral Rooms on your controller and pairing it with the host device.
Note: The RingCentral Rooms app must be installed on both the host device (Android / Windows) and controller (iPad / Android tablet).

Pairing the host device and controller

You can use a pairing code to pair the host device and its controller, or you can perform the pairing manually.

Using a pairing code to pair the host device and controller

Pairing the host and the controller connects the two devices without the need for additional equipment, such as a mouse or a keyboard.
  1. Take note of the pairing code displayed on the host device’s screen.
  2. On the controller, enter the pairing code from the host device's screen.
  3. Log in to RingCentral Rooms on the controller app.
  4. Select the room where you want to sign in.
Once the devices have been successfully paired, the host screen will display the location and time of the next upcoming meeting.

Manually pair the host and controller

  1. Sign in on the host device using the Rooms credentials you’ve received from an admin.
  2. Select a room. The host screen will be mirrored on the controller. A prompt will inform you that the controller is not signed in.
  3. Sign in to the controller using the same Rooms credentials. 
  4. Select the same room that you’ve selected on the host device.
Once they’ve been paired successfully, both devices will display the location and time of the next upcoming meeting. Upon successful pairing with the host, the controller will display buttons that let you control the meeting.

Enabling Local Network on your iPad

Enabling the iPad’s Local Network feature allows for a smoother connection between host device and controller.
  1. On your controller, go to Settings.
  2. Tap Privacy.
  3. Tap the toggle to enable Local Network.
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