Joining RingCentral Video meetings with Room Connector

Last updated on February 15, 2023

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You can quickly join RingCentral Video meetings by enabling Polycom’s One Touch Dial (OTD) service. OTD  allows video conferencing devices to join meetings through calendar invitations. To learn more about enabling OTD, visit Setting up One Touch Dial.
If you join a meeting with dual screens, read Using dual screens in RingCentral Room Connector.

Joining a meeting via SIP-dial

If OTD isn’t enabled, you’ll need to dial in. You can join a meeting by SIP-dialing in two ways.
  • Directly dial into the meeting using your device. 
  • Dial into the RingCentral Room Connector welcome page and follow the on-screen instructions.

Joining via direct dial

  1. Open the keypad of your device.
  2. Input the SIP join information from the meeting invite.
    1. If the invite does not have a password, dial [meetingID] (e.g.,
    2. If the invite has a password, dial [meetingID].[SIP password] (e.g.,
  3. Tap Call.
Note: RingCentral Room Connector doesn’t support H.323. If you configured your devices to H.323, you can still connect to RingCentral Video meetings by dialing sip: [meetingID.SIP passcode]

You’ll find SIP join information in the invite:
  • Using RingCentral Scheduler
  • Using RingCentral app or
Joining a meeting via SIP through RC app

Joining a meeting via the welcome screen

  1. Open the keypad of your device.
  2. Dial You’ll redirect to the RingCentral Room Connector welcome screen.
RingCentral Room Connector welcome page
Note: If you’re using a Cisco unit (registered to Cisco cloud), you’ll need to include any numerical digit in the field before entering (e.g.,
  1. Follow the instructions on the screen.
    1. If the invite doesn’t have a password, input the meeting ID and press #.
    2. If the invite has a password, after you input the meeting ID you’ll be prompted to enter a password,  then tap #.
  2. You can always delete characters with * and join with #.
Note: The meeting will automatically time out in 10 minutes if you take no action after dialing
Click join button

Joining a meeting via OTD

You can join a meeting using OTD by tapping Join on your device. Read the supported devices article for a complete list.
Joining a meeting via OTD
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