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Inviting participants to join a RingCentral Rooms meeting

Last updated on October 8, 2022

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To invite others to join a RingCentral Rooms meeting while it’s in progress, tap Invite on an iPad, Android, or Poly controller.
Invite participants to join a meeting
There are three methods of inviting participants:

Inviting participants with the RingCentral app

  1. Tap the By RingCentral tab.
  2. Tap the desired contact from the list, then tap Invite in the upper right corner.
Invite by the RingCentral app
Invitees will receive a video call on the RingCentral mobile, desktop, and web apps.

Inviting participants by phone

  1. Tap the By Phone tab.
  2. Enter your invitee’s phone number, then tap the dial icon to place the call.
Invite by phone
Once the invitee picks up the call, they will appear on the host monitor as a dial-in user. If the invitee’s phone number matches a contact from the company directory, their name will accompany their avatar on the controller.

Inviting participants by email

Rooms users can use email to invite participants to a meeting. Inviting participants by email allows you to invite external participants. Recipients can join by clicking the link in an emailed invitation. Recipients can also join the meeting by dialing the phone numbers listed in the invitation.
Invite participants via email
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