November 2022 Product Updates

AUTHOR: The Hopin Events team

Big updates for you in the Hopin Events platform this month!

By the way, Hopin is releasing a new product called Hopin Session next Tuesday, Dec 6th. Session is a lightweight, fun, and super interactive webinar and meetings tool.

Go to to learn more.

Screenshot of Hopin Session:

Session is a part of Hopin's expansion into a multiproduct suite -- learn more about Hopin today here.

OK. On to the updates to the Hopin Events platform -- now you can:

  1. Create custom recordings cuts through Hopin's new replay editor - you can now edit your Hopin video recordings directly in Hopin: go here to view the KB article.

  2. Edit the attendee survey using Survey Builder - collect insights and ratings from attendees mid-event and post-event using Hopin's survey notification tool. Here is the KB article.

  3. Do Speaker Dry Runs - the easiest way to add speakers and practice before your event is now live. This feature simplifies the process of registering speakers and enables speakers early access to the event. This allows the Organizer to conduct dry-runs without duplicating the event. Here is an updated KB article. Here is a new one.

  4. Ticket type change - you can now edit any attendee's ticket type without having to contact Hopin support.

  5. Remove duplicate “You’re in” email - This simplifies messaging to attendees without losing any required content. Fewer emails FTW!