May Product Update

AUTHOR: The Hopin Events team

We have several new product updates to share with you so let’s jump right in.

New features to help you run seamless hybrid events

Kiosk designer

Transform the kiosks into a branded, self-serve check-in interface. Add multiple kiosk stations for different ticket types and customize the welcome and thank you screens. Attendees gain the ability to access self-serve check-in and badge printing.

Badge designer

Create, configure, and design branded badges and templates for your hybrid event. Develop new badges by ticket type and edit elements like logo, profile image, QR code, and other custom information.

Kiosk self-serve check-in

Turn your devices into self-serve kiosks.

Badge printing

Connect the Organizer App to printers to provide on-demand badge printing at your in-person venue.

Segment check-in

Easily scan attendees in and out of segments to better track in-person attendance rate.

Lead retrieval for exhibitors

Give exhibitors the ability to scan badges to connect with leads and build their community. Exhibitors can gather, organize, prioritize, and export leads so their teams can take action.

Lead retrieval credit assignment

This credit assignment system allows organizers to purchase and assign lead retrieval credits to exhibitors. (Note: Lead collection will continue to be free for virtual events.)

All of these features are now available on our Business and Enterprise plans.

In the coming months we’ll continue to share more robust features to help you simplify and expand your hybrid experiences. We’ll also bring our standalone in-person events capabilities to the Hopin platform later this year. So, stay tuned!

Updates for event organizers

Bulk session management

Easily create and manage multiple sessions at once with bulk management. Now, organizers can create sessions with CSV bulk upload, duplicate individual sessions, and apply the same action across multiple sessions via multi-select functionality.

Edit or delete on-site rooms

Edit and delete on-site room names that have been created and assigned to your schedule segments.

Post-event registration

Make the most of your event content by extending your event registration window after your event has ended to allow new registrants to watch event recordings in Replay. More details here.

Q&A notifications

Increase awareness of Q&A opportunities by triggering real-time notifications to let attendees know when event Q&As are open.

Polls notifications

Notify event attendees in real-time when a new poll is published.

Conferences i/o app

This app makes it possible to track attendance and issue CE certificates based on completion of learning activities. Visit our App Store to install.

Aha Slides app

This app offers a template library full of quizzes, polls, word clouds, and other activities you can quickly configure then use during your event. Visit our App Store to install.

Sertifier app

This app tracks and distributes Continuing Education Units/ CEU/ME’s based on attendee activity then automatically triggers certificates to be sent out based on that information. Visit our App Store to install.

LiveVoice app

This accessibility app is an interpretation solution for online and hybrid events. Add as many language channels to your event as you want and supply your own interpreter or choose from LiveVoice’s interpreter network. Visit our App Store to install.

Export custom registration questions to HubSpot

Map and export custom registration questions from Hopin to HubSpot. Keep in mind that all questions must be formatted the same way to be tracked across multiple events.

Export custom registration questions to Salesforce

Map and export custom registration questions from Hopin to Salesforce. Keep in mind that all questions must be formatted the same way to be tracked across multiple events.

Enhancements to the Salesforce app

Map exported attendance and registration to “Objects” in Salesforce. This removes any issues with duplication and overwriting data while providing a more customizable experience.

Updates for attendees

Meeting availability

Attendees can suggest mutually available times to meet based on the event schedule, set a virtual or on-site meeting location, and add a meeting description.

Closed captions for Replay

Attendees can now toggle on automatic live captions in Hopin’s Replay Area.

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