Dark Mode

AUTHOR: The Hopin Events team

Completely transform your Hopin event from the classic professional light theme (default)...

To the new sleek and awesome DARK THEME — in just 3 clicks!

How to turn on dark mode in your Hopin event

  1. Sign in to your Hopin account.

  2. Go to your event dashboard.

  3. Select Setup.

  • Select Theme.

  • Select the Dark color theme.


Now you and your attendees can enjoy a cool new vibe in your Hopin event.

More updates

  • Dark mode is only the beginning. We're working on more custom branding templates that make your Hopin events feel even more beautiful and on brand.

  • Disabling Reception. Allow attendees to enter your event and skip the Reception page, landing directly on your live content (i.e., a Stage).

  • AI features. Read the blog post from our CTO/CPO on how we're implementing Generative AI technology into all Hopin products.

That's it for now! Check back here soon for more product updates.

Wait! Before you go...

-Team Hopin