Custom Stage Layouts and Speaker Headlines with StreamYard

AUTHOR: The Hopin Events team

Because StreamYard is integrated with Hopin, all Hopin events now have Custom Stage Layouts and Speaker Headlines.

StreamYard's custom layouts feature allows you to design high-quality layouts within your Hopin Stage studio effortlessly.

This feature provides you with the flexibility to personalize the existing StreamYard layouts, or create your own unique layouts to your own specifications, ensuring that you have complete creative control over the design process! This feature is available for all Hopin plans.

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How Custom Layouts work

Utilize one or all of the three critical components of a custom layout: a dynamic camera grid, a camera slot, and a media slot.

  1. Dynamic camera grid - The dynamic grid is a unique responsive camera grid that adjusts based on the number of participants that are on stage.  The dynamic grid's responsiveness allows for automatic vertical, horizontal, or grid positioning based on aspect ratio, setting our product apart from competitors offering layout customization.

  2. Camera slot - A individual participant single-camera slot

  3. Media slot - A single media slot. This slot can display items from the Present menu such as slides, screen share and videos.

The custom layout comprises individual toolbar customization options for every item, including layering, vertical/horizontal alignment, fit fill, and, for the dynamic camera grid, a participant previewer. The previewer assists users in visualizing how their layouts will appear with a various number of guests on stage.

Learn more about Custom Layouts here.

Add Customized Speaker Headlines

ICYMI StreamYard also announced Speaker Headlines where you now have the ability to display a title, social media handle, or headline below display names on the Hopin Stage!

Toggle "Show headlines" in the Brand tab to enable headlines. Stage participants can set a headline either when first entering the backstage studio, or by editing it from their backstage card afterward.

Give it a try in your next Hopin event!