March Product Update

AUTHOR: The Hopin Events team

Happy March! We have several new product updates to share with you so let’s jump right in.

Updates for event organizers

Hybrid event creation

Create a hybrid event directly from the Organizer Dashboard. Choose between a virtual or hybrid event format and include the address of your physical event, with location information powered by Google Maps. Learn more here.

Hybrid registration and ticketing

Create hybrid tickets for your event. Attendees registered with your hybrid ticket will receive a QR code to check in to the physical event, accessible via their email or within their Attendee app. Learn more here.

Hybrid scheduling

When creating an event segment in the schedule, you can select whether a session is virtual-only or hybrid. You can also include room details as well as the capacity of the room. Learn more here.

Multiple check-in areas

Establish multiple check-in areas at your physical venue. Create unique QR codes for specific check-in areas and edit or disable options for each area to facilitate custom check-in experiences. Learn more here.

Organizer app: event check-in

Check attendees in or out of your physical venue by scanning their QR code or searching for their names. Register new walk-in attendees and view your guests’ information. Learn more here.

App Area

This new functionality allows organizers on paid plans to embed select partner apps into their event in a full-screen format. The App Area also allows attendees to activate their webcams and microphones to better engage with your event and fellow attendees. Learn more here.

Kumospace app

Host fun and engaging networking sessions in interactive and customizable spaces. Learn more here. (Available in the App Area)

Testimonial app

Source and display testimonials from your attendees in real-time. You can also display those testimonials as a “wall of love” for attendees to view and share. Learn more here. (Available in the App Area)

Webooth app

Add custom, branded interactive photo booths and games to your virtual or hybrid events. Learn more here. (Available in the App Area)

Capsule app

Collect and share branded videos from your guests. You set the prompt, attendees press record and Capsule auto-edits the video based on pre-selected video templates. Learn more here. (Available in the App Area)

Buzz Radar app

Aggregate social buzz around your event into interactive, visual displays. You specify the social handle and hashtags, Buzz Radar will collect any mentions and visualize it for your attendees to enjoy. Learn more here. (Available in the App Area)

Picture Mosaic app

Add an interactive photo mosaic within your event to boost engagement. Attendees can submit photos and GIFs to add to the wall, comment on submissions, and participate in games like “Where’s Waldo?” Learn more here. (Available in the App Area)

Mootup app

Unlock the metaverse and create immersive, virtual reality experiences for networking, breakout rooms, expo floors, and after parties. Learn more here. (Available in the App Area)

Funtivity app

Create curated activities like trivia, bingo, escape rooms, pictionary, and more to increase engagement and connectivity. Install the app here.

AI Media app

Make the event content more accessible with live English and multi-language captions. Learn more here.

Replay descriptions

You can now provide rich text descriptions for your recordings in Replay to give viewers more context.

Poll editing

Edit the content and attendee visibility of unanswered polls, and extend poll access to admins and booth vendors. Learn more here.

Moderator breakout room access

Organizers and nominated moderators can now get a bird’s eye view of breakout room participants and join breakout sessions as they wish. Learn more here.

Updates for attendees

People Area

This new event area is your attendees’ go-to destination for one-on-one interactions. The Networking area now sits within the People Area, giving attendees a single place to search for and meet people. Learn more here.

Revamped mobile user interface

Enjoy improved navigation and a new user interface on the Hopin Mobile App. Learn more here.

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