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Using the live transcription feature in the RingCentral Video desktop app 

Last updated on December 2, 2022

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Live transcription is the process by which speech or audio is converted into a text document. This feature is also available in the RingCentral mobile app.
With the live transcription feature, you can:
Note: Only hosts or moderators can start or pause live transcription. Participants won’t see the live transcription until the host or moderator starts it. 

Starting a live transcription

  1. While in a meeting, click the More icon, then click Start transcription.
More icon
  1. Once live transcription starts, the transcript will appear on the right of the meeting screen. A red Note icon will appear at the top right when live transcription is in progress.
Live transcription window

Pausing and starting a live transcription 

  1. Click the Pause icon at the top right of the transcript window to pause the transcription. 
  2. To resume transcription, click Start.
Pause transcription
Start transcription button

Searching for keywords during a live transcription

To search for a specific conversation, enter a keyword in the search bar. 
Search keyword on live transcription

Downloading a live transcription as a text file

To download the live transcription, click the Download icon at the right. 
Download live transcription button

Viewing and hiding a live transcription

You can hide a live transcription at any time by clicking the More icon, then clicking Hide transcript. You can also simply close the Transcript window. To reopen the transcription, click the More button, then click View transcript
Hide transcription button
Live transcription more view

Changing the language of the transcript

  1. Click the flag icon at the top right of the transcript window.
  2. Select your desired language.
Search keyword on live transcription
  • Currently, there are three language options: English, German, and Spanish.
  • Any change to the language of the live transcription will be visible to all attendees.
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