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Viewing participants in the RingCentral Video desktop and web app

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During a RingCentral Video meeting, participants can see who else is in the meeting. The main screen in RingCentral Video displays up to 16 participants at a time. 
There are two ways to see the participants in a meeting: gallery view or filmstrip view. If more than 16 participants are in your meeting, you can flip to other pages to see the participants whose avatars don’t fit on the first page.
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System requirements

To view up to 25 meeting participants, your system must meet the following requirements:
Intel i5
  • Four or more cores 
  • Fourth generation or later
Intel i7, i9, Xeon
  • Two or more cores
Apple Silicon
  • 3.0GHz or higher
  • Six or more cores
AMD Ryzen 5 series
  • Six or more cores
  • 3.0GHz or higher

Viewing participants in gallery view

The gallery view is the default meeting view. Gallery view displays all meeting participants and highlights participants when they speak.
View participants in gallery view
To see all meeting participants, click the dropdown at the top right and select the four-window Gallery option.
View participants in gallery view

Viewing more participants in Gallery view

While 16 participants are the default for gallery view, you can adjust your settings to display up to 25 participants.
  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Video
  3. Click the Edit button for Video meeting settings.
  4. Click Video
  5. Using the slide, set the maximum number of visible participants to 25.
Set max visible participants
You can also adjust your settings to display up to 25 participants during a meeting.
  1. While in a meeting, select More in the bottom menu bar.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Using the slide, set the maximum number of visible participants to 25.
Note: When you make this change, you’ll see as many as 25 participants in gallery view, but only as many as 16 when you share your screen. When you view a shared screen, the participants will appear on the right, and the shared screen will appear on the left.

Viewing participants in filmstrip view

Filmstrip view displays the active speaker in the main window and other participants on top. When you view a shared screen in filmstrip view, the shared screen will be displayed in the main window.
Set max visible participants
To see meeting participants in filmstrip view, click the dropdown at the top right, then select Filmstrip.
View participants in film strip view

Viewing participants with in-meeting controls

To see participants’ names while in a meeting, click Participants in the bottom menu bar. The total number of participants is displayed in superscript.
Participants via the bottom menu bar
Participant lists are arranged in the following order:
  • You
  • Host
  • Moderators (if there are any)
  • Unmuted participants
  • Muted participants
  • Participants who joined without audio
If a participant uses more than one device to connect to a meeting, the actual number of participants and connected devices is shown to the host.
Viewing participants via in-meeting controls
You’ll see the total number of their devices under their name.
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