Ending the webinar 

Last updated on July 18, 2022
As a host, you can end your webinar at any time. When you are ready to end your webinar, click the End button in the bottom menu, then choose End webinar. After the webinar, you will receive an automatic email where you can access your recordings, download Q&A reports, and attendee reports.
Ending the webinar view
If you leave a webinar without formally concluding it, you will be prompted to designate a cohost (if you have not done so already) so that the webinar may continue after you leave.

Assigning the webinar to a cohost

To assign a cohost upon leaving a webinar:
  1. Click the End button in the bottom menu, then select Assign cohost and leave.
  2. Select the name of the panelist you want to assign as cohost.
  3. Click Assign and leave.
Assign cohost before leaving the webinar
Note: The recording of your webinar will not be affected by your departure.

Starting a debrief session

  1. When ending your webinar, you can choose to hold a debrief session with your cohosts and panelists. 
  2. Click End button in the bottom menu.
  3. Click End webinar
  4. Tick the checkbox for Debrief with hosts and panelists.
  5. Click End webinar.
Start debrief session
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