Using in-webinar host and cohost controls

Last updated on September 1, 2022
In a RingCentral webinar, hosts and cohosts can manage panelists, attendees, and the webinar itself. Panelists promoted to cohosts can also use the controls for these features but will lose them if they’re demoted to another role.
Webinar host controls
Hosts and cohosts can control numerous elements of a webinar while it is happening.
  • Mute/unmute: Click to mute or unmute your microphone.
  • Start/stop video: Click to turn your video on or off.
  • Share: Click to share your screen.
  • Participants: Click to manage panelists and attendees in the webinar. This feature lets you search for specific participants and prevent new users from joining. Read Managing attendees and panelists to learn more.
  • Chat: Click to send a chat to cohosts and panelists. Read Sending a chat to cohost and panelists to learn more.  
  • Reactions: Enable or disable reactions for panelists. You can also use this feature to view panelists' nonverbal reactions.
    • Raise hand: Displays the hand icon to get the attention of the host, moderator, or presenter.
    • Feedback: Asks the host, moderator, or presenter to Slow down or Speed up. You can also react with Yes or No
    • Status: Used by participants to indicate Be right back or Multitasking.
    • Feelings: Share feelings with an emoji. You can choose to send a thumbs up, applause, surprised, laughing, or sad emoji. Note: Feeling indicators will disappear after 10 seconds.
  • Q&A: Click to ask questions and to manage Q&A sessions. Read Intro to RingCentral Webinar Q&A to learn more.
  • Record: Available when webinar has gone live. Click to start recording the webinar. Read Recording the webinar to learn more. 
  • More: Click during the webinar to access the following options:
  • Leave: Click to leave the webinar. If you’re the host, you can designate someone else as the host or end the webinar for everyone.
  • Go live: Click to start the webinar for everyone. Once the webinar is live, a live timer indicator will replace the Go live button.
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