Joining a prep session in the RingCentral desktop/web app or Rooms

Last updated on January 13, 2023

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Each webinar starts as a prep session where the host, cohosts and panelists can prepare before the live webinar with attendees. Only the host, cohosts, and panelists can see and hear each other during the prep session. 
If logged into the RingCentral app, you can join the webinar prep session via the Webinar or Video menu. You can also join the webinar through the link in the calendar invite and email you received.
During the prep session, almost all webinar functionality is available to use and prep for the live webinar including screen sharing, audio, webcam management, and chat.

Note: The host can control who shares their screen,  prompts others to mute/unmute, and turns cameras and mics on or off.

Joining a prep session via the desktop and web app

  1. Open the RingCentral app on your desktop or web browser.
  2. Go to Webinar or Video in the left navigation bar.
  3. Hover over the right side of the webinar, then click Join.
Note: Make sure the host starts the prep session before joining.

Joining a prep session via RingCentral Rooms

On the day of the webinar, your scheduled webinars appear on the dashboard of your Rooms controller under Show today’s meetings. Tap Join to enter the prep session. 
Note: You can join a webinar 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.
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