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12 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Teams Teaming While You’re WFH (#8 is a Local Fav)

Team dynamics and relationships take time to build but are so rewarding to establish and enjoy. Remote and virtual teams are becoming more and more common so investing in building connections is imperative.
With RingCentral, your team can stay connected wherever you are with messaging (including sending GIFs) and video chats! With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of some fun things to help you and your team stay connected while we responsibly work from home!
1. Play Team Jeopardy
Online Jeopardy game board
Test your team's knowledge of just about anything with a game of Jeopardy. Customize your own game to be about your company, your team, or some classic trivia knowledge. It’s up to you! 
2. Host Virtual Happy Hour
Woman in a happy hour video call
Sharing a toast with your team is a great way to bond and allows time to unwind and relax after a long week. Set aside time to virtually meet with your team and share some time over coffee, smoothies, or a cocktail!
3. Share Your Binge-Watching Recommendations
Screenshot of a conversation in the RingCentral app
Are you missing that watercooler talk about the latest and greatest TV show recommendations? Make a Team dedicated to sharing your favorite shows. You never know, your teammates might make a great recommendation for your next binge!
4. Wins of the Week 
Man working on his laptop
During this challenging time, it’s rewarding to take a moment to share your successes with the people that have got your back. 
Consider blocking some time on your team’s calendar to celebrate the wins of the week. It’s an inspiring way to keep spirits high!
5. Play Taboo or Charades
Man participating in an online charades game
Thank heavens for video! At RingCentral, we use video every day to connect with teammates from around the world, but consider using it to play a rowdy game of charades! Select a theme, gather a list of words, and get your team to act it out! 
6. Cook Along with a Chef
Photo of a woman holding an ingredient during a virtual cooking class
We’re all trying to stay inspired with the food in our pantries—but doing a cook along with a chef (even if it’s a cooking enthusiast on the team) helps prompt creativity! The best part is that at the end everyone gets to eat together! Nothing better than a shared meal with friends!
7. Host a Team Lunch
Woman eating pizza during a video call on a tablet
It’s been proven that sharing a meal together jumpstarts relationships and camaraderie! Send everyone in your team a food delivery service gift card, and set aside a dedicated time to eat and chat with your team. 
8. Play Online Pictionary
Screenshot of an online pictionary game
It’s always a surprise to learn who has artistic talent on your team with Pictionary type games. There are a lot of easy to access games online that allow for up to 25 people to participate and it's so much fun to both draw and race to guess what is being drawn. 
9. Host Themed Days
Screenshot of a RingCentral Video call
This activity has limitless possibilities! Shake up your team’s daily routine and host a themed day—it can be to dress in costume, wear your favorite sport’s team gear, or a business professional day. Share a little fun during your team video calls. 
10. Show & Tell
Woman sitting in front of her computer screen
Working from home means that all our treasured items are only an arm’s length away. Grab something that means a lot to you and have a little Show & Tell. We won’t always have the opportunity to see this side of our teammates, so take advantage of it while you can! 
11. Make a Team Quarantine Playlist
Woman wearing headphones and working on her laptop
Learn about your teammates outside of video calls and work chats. Put together a public playlist through a music streaming platform and have everyone add their favorites! Go one step further and make dedicated playlists to your favorite dance-around-the-house songs, or relaxing background music to work to. 
12. Host a Watch Party 
A person holding a remote control
After learning about everyone’s favorite binge shows and movies, hop on over to RingCentral Video with your team and watch one of them together! Up the ante by showing off your favorite movie snacks and see who has those home theatres! 
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