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Release Notes > Highlights > October 2022
Release Notes

October 2022 Release Highlights

  • RingCentral Video, Version 22.3.30 (Release: October 31, 2022)
  • Advanced meeting insights (GA): Review meetings or catch up on anything you've missed with summaries, transcripts, and video highlights. We’ll automatically generate summaries, transcripts, video highlights, and more for every recorded meeting to save you time.
  • Advanced meeting insights: Filter playback by participant: RCV now offers the option to easily find and replay speech of a particular participant in the recording.
  • Post meeting: Simplified sharing moments: This will enable users to share a link to a particular time in the recording with other users.
  • RingCentral Rooms, Version 22.4.10 (Release: October 19, 2022)
  • Share screen through HDMI on controller: Room users can choose the modes between share through HDMI once they plug in HDMI and tap on controller to start share manually both for a local share session or in meeting.
RINGCENTRAL Engage Digital
  • RingCentral Engage Digital, Versions 22.10.03, 22.10.05, 22.10.06, 22.10.07, 22.10.17, 22.10.19, 22.10.20, 22.10.21, 22.10.24, 22.10.25, 22.10.26, 22.10.27, 22.10.28, 22.10.31 (Release: October 2022)
  • LinkedIn
    • Enable text import from a LinkedIn post with video even if the video is unavailable
    • Displayed reaction name instead of 'Liked' for LinkedIn
    • Improved Reaction menu options for LinkedIn
    • Improved import comments from Organization profiles on LinkedIn.
    • Display imported Job Offer posts.
    • Import shared posts using a permalink to the original post
  • Facebook
    • Enabling Messenger Handover Protocol for all users
  • Engage Surveys
    • Rename the surveys into survey campaigns
  • Chat/Messaging
    • Copy paste text from external App to Chat
  • Admin
    • Improved Text & Icon for SMS Communities & Channels in Admin
    • Allow to select multiple event types the Audit Log filter
    • Manage Handover rules for Virtual Agents 
    • Ability to add Mega Agents in Admin
    • Manage Sub agents in Admin
  • Agent
    • Agent SLA indicator in Routing mode is now in Open Beta
  • RingCentral Engage Voice (Release: October 2022)
  • Admin: Display Custom App String field in standard admin view
  • Engage Analytics: Added three new filters, four new reports for the IVR on usage and activities, external transfer talk time, custom field information, and node interaction counts and updated the Interaction Details report.
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