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Navigating Alerts analytics | RingEX

Last updated on September 01, 2021
The Alerts tab is located in the left navigation bar in the Analytics Portal. This tab lets you set up customized alerts for service metrics and provides notifications when a problem occurs.
Analytics left navigation bar with Alerts highlighted.
Access alerts from the Admin portal at ​ Click Analytics, then click Alerts.
Alerts has two dashboards:
  • Alerts List: A list of all existing alerts within your account.
  • Alerts Log: A log of all the triggers from your active alerts.
Alerts landing page.
The landing page shows the Alerts List dashboard, with the Alerts Log dashboard available from the second tab in the top navigation bar 
In the top right corner, above the navigation bar, are options to create a new alert or submit an idea to analytics
Alerts Create New and Submit Idea locations.
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