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Last updated on September 01, 2021

Understanding Quality of Service metrics

The QoS reports are generated based on several metrics to measure call or meeting quality. 
QoS looks at:
  • Call Scoring and data gathering: examines connections between participants and the RingCentral cloud.
  • Mean Opinion Score (MOS): rating of audio quality based on a formula that takes into account bandwidth, jitter, packet loss, latency, and codecs.
  • GeoIP Location: MaxMind® is used to associate customer IP addresses with geo addresses.     
Let’s take a closer look at each metric.

Call Scoring and Data Gathering

QoS data is collected at multiple points during a call and combined to arrive at the quality score.
Every active call has several connections between participants of the call and the RingCentral Cloud. A call leg is a connection between each participant (RingCentral user) and the RingCentral Cloud backend.
Each leg has two data streams:
  • From the initiator endpoints to the RingCentral Session Border Controller (SBC)
  • From the RingCentral SBC to the recipient endpoint
The quality is measured by RingCentral media processors and SBCs for the upstream leg while it is measured by the endpoint device for the downstream leg.
The client’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides the transport between the RingCentral endpoint and the RingCentral SBC and relies heavily on the ISP network quality.
RingCentral supports and provisions multiple endpoint types such as hard phones, desktop, mobile, or the RingCentral app (web-based client). At the end of the call, RingCentral endpoints send their statistics via an RTCP-XR protocol to the RingCentral Global Data Collector (GDC) for call score evaluation.

Mean Opinion Score

The Mean Opinion Score (MOS) is a measure of QoS and is used to estimate the user’s opinion of call quality. RingCentral MOS is an aggregate of bandwidth, jitter, packet loss, latency, and codecs.
Absolute category rating by human subjects:
Rating Label
4 Good
3 Fair
2 Poor
1 Bad
RingCentral category rating correlation of algorithmic estimates:
Rating Label
3.00 - 3.49 Moderate
<3.00 Poor
RingCentral may adjust the rating categories based on an actual customer experience. We may boost MOS scores for certain codecs, for example, OPUS. 

GeoIP Location

RingCentral uses industry-leading IP intelligence services by MaxMind® to associate customers’ IP addresses with geo addresses. The VPN IP addresses cannot be associated with the geo addresses and are displayed only as IP addresses that are identified by the internal network or system administrators.  
Note: If you believe that your GeoIP location information is incorrect, submit a GeoIP data correction request to: https://support.maxmind.com/geoip-data-correction-request/
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