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“URL call is disabled” error on Polycom desk phones

Last updated on February 9, 2022


On a Polycom desk phone, the error “URL call is disabled” could be caused by:
  • Unstable internet connectivity: VoIP depends on an active and stable internet connection. If the connection is unstable or down completely, the desk phone won’t be able to communicate with the RingCentral servers.  
  • DNS unable to resolve name correctly: Internet routers need to resolve the server name to an IP address. If the DNS server on your network is unable to match the provisioning URL with its corresponding IP address, then the desk phone won’t be able to communicate with the RingCentral servers.
  • NAT issue: Make sure the ports for the RingCentral service are open in your network.


Checking the phone's physical connection

  1. On the phone, go to Menu > Status > Network > Ethernet. If the LAN port doesn’t show as Active, the phone is not connected to the network. 
  2. Make sure the ethernet cable from the modem or router is connected to your phone’s LAN port.
  3. If your phone is connected to an ethernet outlet, try plugging the phone directly into the modem or router instead.
  4. If this is the only phone connected to the network, try connecting the phone to a different port on the back of the modem/router.
  5. If other phones are connected to the network, see if they are working correctly.
  6. If other phones are working, try swapping the phone that received the error with another one. This will determine if the port the phone used is working or not.

Checking the phone's IP address

If there’s no issue with your desk phone’s physical connection, the next step is checking your phone’s IP address. 
  1. Go to Menu > Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameters > IP.
  2. Confirm DHCP is enabled.
  3. If the phone is not showing an IP address, restart your phone.
  4. After restarting your phone, if there is still no IP address, check the router's DHCP settings to see if there are enough IP addresses in the pool.

Pinging sip.ringcentral.com

If you’ve verified that the desk phone has LAN connectivity and an IP address, ping sip.ringcentral.com on a computer connected to the same network.
  1. Open your device's command window. 
    • On Windows
      1. i. Click Start and search CMD in the search bar. 
      2. ii. Open Command Prompt
    • On Mac 
      1. i. Open your Finder.
      2. ii. Go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal.
  2. Type “ping sip.ringcentral.com” in the command window.
  3. If you receive a “Request timed out” error, try “ping”.
If the IP address can be pinged but not sip.ringcentral.com, there is a problem with the DNS server. The ISP usually provides DNS.
Note: Your DHCP settings will depend on your router’s interface.
There is a routing issue if neither sip.ringcentral.com nor the IP address can be pinged. 
Set the port triggering on your router to UDP 5060 - 5090 / UDP 16384 - 16482.
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