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Welcome to MyRingCentral
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Cisco SPA & other series phones end-of-life on
April 7th, 2024​

We are here to help! Explore our range of alternative phone solutions that are fully supported and will continue to receive updates and security patches. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect replacement and ensuring a seamless transition. ​

We've made it easy to find out which of your phones are impacted by this announcement.

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Replacement recommendations​

To assist you in this process, we have developed a recommendation matrix consisting of certified phones that we recommend as suitable replacements. This matrix will help you identify the best replacement devices for your specific needs. Click each model for more information.​

SPA Model​ Recommended Cisco Replacement​ Recommended Poly Replacement​ Recommended Poly Replacement​ Recommended Mitel Replacement​


Cisco MPP 6821


Yealink T43U

Mitel 6920W


Cisco MPP 7841

Poly Edge E220

Yealink T46U

Mitel 6920W

PAP2-NA​ Cisco 191 ATA & Cisco 192 ATA      
PAP2T​ Cisco 191 ATA & Cisco 192 ATA      
SPA-2102​ Cisco 191 ATA & Cisco 192 ATA      
SPA-3102​ Cisco 191 ATA & Cisco 192 ATA      
SPA-921​ Cisco MPP 6821 Poly Edge E220 Yealink T43U Mitel 6920W
SPA-922​ Cisco MPP 6821   Yealink T43U Mitel 6920W
SPA-941​ Cisco MPP 7841 Poly Edge E220 Yealink T46U Mitel 6920W
SPA-942​ Cisco MPP 7841 Poly Edge E220 Yealink T46U Mitel 6920W
SPA-962​ Cisco 8851      

How to order your replacement solution

Device as a Service (DaaS)
One-time purchase

Pay monthly with Device as a Service (DaaS)​

  • Contact us options
    • Fill out our simple outreach form here by clicking on Get a quote to get in touch with one of our friendly RingCentral customer advocates​
    • Speak to an expert at (833)-443-0574​
    • Contact your account manager
  • Choose your hardware
    • Select your preferred replacement device(s)​    

How to make a one-time purchase

  1. Go to the Admin Portal.
  2. Search for your preferred replacement device​.
  3. Click on your preferred device.
  4. Select number of devices you are purchasing​.
  5. Click ‘Add to Cart’ – Complete your purchase.

What are the one-time purchase payment options?



Pay Monthly




Cisco   ✔️
Poly ✔️ ✔️
Yealink ✔️ ✔️
Mitel   ✔️

Frequently asked questions

Why will Cisco phones stop working on April 7th, 2024?

This is due to a combination of expiring security certificates and the end-of-support/life announcement from Cisco. ​

Cisco has announced End-of-Life for Cisco SPA 303 and other series model phones. The EoL announcements state that support services for select devices will become unavailable in 1Q 2024. This implies that customers may choose to continue using the devices, without any support services, at their own risk.​

However, these Cisco phone models will stop working on April 7th, 2024, when their security certificates expire.  The devices will no longer be able to authenticate with the provisioning server which will prevent device registration. If the device unregisters, calls cannot be answered or received.   

What specific Cisco phones are impacted?​

  • PAP2-NA​
  • PAP2T​
  • SPA-2102​
  • SPA-3102​
  • SPA-921​
  • SPA-922​
  • SPA-941​
  • SPA-942​
  • SPA-962​
  • SPA301​
  • SPA303​

What should I do?​

Customers are highly encouraged to start planning to migrate from impacted Cisco phones to prevent business disruption.​

How do I move my existing number to my new phone? ​

This article provides instructions on how to swap your desk phone with another one without changing its assigned number.​

What if I have a different device that I would like to use?​

The device can be registered as a BYOD phone following the instructions for SIP manual provisioning.  ​

What happens to my device after the security certificates expires?​

Phones registered prior to the security certificate expiration will keep their connection, but if the phone is reset or unplugged it will not reconnect. The only option is to re-configure the phone as a BYOD device following the instructions for SIP manual provisioning.

What if I need additional support?​

You can call our customer support at 855-517-0534 or you can reach out to your account representative.​

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